Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phil Scollo for Congress

A former Carney staffer dropped this into my inbox:

.Phil Scollo, 56, a resident of Dingman Township, Pike County, announces his intention to seek the Democratic Party nomination to run for Congress in the 10th District. The decision comes on the heels of last week’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that quashed proposed redistricting and, with it, Mr. Scollo’s plan to run for the Pennsylvania Assembly, in the 139th District, against a heretofore unchallenged incumbent. “Opportunity often follows disappointment in life”, Mr. Scollo observed. “In these unprecedented times, the residents of the 10th Congressional District certainly deserve a choice.”

Mr. Scollo, a native New Yorker, moved to the Milord area, with wife, Karen and two of his three children in 1998. A summa cum laude graduate of St. John’s University, he holds a B.S. in Government and Politics. A former insurance industry executive and currently a management consultant, Mr. Scollo believes his business experience and problem solving skills will transfer neatly to public service. Before the April Primary, he vows to visit every county of Pennsylvania’s largest Congressional District, meet with the residents and listen to truly understand their concerns.

“With the Pennsylvania economy in shambles and so many hurting, I promise to work singularly and tirelessly, and without concern for the divisive partisanship that has rendered government impotent in the eyes of most people,” Mr. Scollo exclaimed.


Pike Resident said...

What a joke. This guy can't seem to decide if he wants to run for the State House or Congress. His biggest problem is that he doesn't seem to have a clue as to what makes up either district.

I'll be shocked if he even gets on the ballot. I live in Pike County and even the local Dems aren't supporting this guy... and he is the former Chair of the Dem County Committee.

And a native New Yorker? Not really something you'd want to advertise if you're serious about wining in the 10th CD or the 139th LD.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above comment. This speaks of what the Democratic party has become.....transplants from blue states who are clueless.

Anonymous said...

as one of the 15% or less of Pike co natives, I say go get Marino out of government

Anonymous said...

PA is a blue state...

Anonymous said...

The time has come to get together and make things happen. We’ve seen how big businesses have been treating the little guy and it’s time to change it. I believe Phil Scollo is the guy to help make the difference that is needed in government, finally.

Phil for Congress said...

To "Pike County Resident" and "Anonymous:"

I thought I would respond directly to your comments.

First, I actually do have something of a clue regarding the redistricting. With the proposed redistricting that would have moved my Dingman township residence from the 189th AD to the 139th, I announced my plan to run against the heretofore unchallenged Republican incumbent. A few days after this announcment, the PA Supreme Court ruled against the proposed redistricting returning our residence to the 189th AD where a solid Democrat had already announced. Literally, the next evening, at the Pike County Democratic meeting, I learned that no candidate had stepped forward to seek the nomination to run in the 10th CD. For the same reasons, I had announced an Assembly run, namely, the notion that any incumbent should be given a "free ride," I decided to explore the Congressional run.

Even though we came in late, and contrary to your supposition, we did inspire widepread support from party leaders and average citizens across the district and were able to amass quite a few more than the requisite number of signatures. So, we will be on the ballot, we will be unopposed in the primary and look forward to a healthy and constructive discussion of the issues with the Hon. Mr. Marino.

As for the Pike County Democratic Committee, their leadership has expressed support and I expect they will endorse me shortly. That said, many Democrats in Pike County, both active and inactive with the PCDC, along with many Republicans, Independents un- affiliated and not yet registered residents have expressed a desire for meaningful change, as well as support for my campaign.

And finally, as to being a native New Yorker and a "transplant," my wife, Karen, and I, moved to Pike County when our son Jonathan, was 10 and our daughter, Molly, was one month old. He has since graduated from Penn State and is now managing a Marriott in Harrisburg. Molly completed all of her elementary schooling in Shohola and is now a point guard on the middle school basketball team. These "transplants" have called NE Pa home for almost fourteen years!

Since, you, too, are my neighbor, I hope we will soon have an opportunity to meet so i can learn about your interests and concerns.

You can "friend" me on facebook at "Phil Scollo" and/or follow me on twitter @pscollo. You can also visit our website: www.scollocongress.com where there is also a link for contributions.

I hope this clarifies my motivation.