Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aaron Kaufer for State Representative

Young Republican Aaron Kaufman announced he is a candidate for the 120th State Representative seat presently held by Democrat Phyllis Mundy. It looks like this will be a 2 person race as no Libertarian seems to be interested unlike last time and I haven't heard of another Republican on the west side willing to take on my 4th favorite state legislator.

Kaufer gave a very polished speech saying it's time for a change and cited an old adage about not making waves in politics, he said he wanted to make waves. Then he lamented that "compromise became a dirty word" and promised to work across the aisle.

He hit 4 issues in his talk.

1. The grant system. He doesn't like WAM's

2. Government reform. He is running against the perks of the legislature opposing their pensions, health care, COLA's and the per diems of $163 a day.

3. He said some things about educating our children. We should do it.

4. Economic growth. He is for it.

Without naming his opponent Kaufer asked "are you being adequately represented"? and said "I can do better." Invoking Saint Ronny he declared "our best days are ahead."

After the event I asked Kaufer what the the first bill he would introduce he said it would be about the perks and per diems of the legislature. I asked him how much money that would save but he didn't have a number. He also favors reducing the size of the legislature.

This a great picture below. All the Republicans and a Libertarian wh0 came up short in past elections with the latest GOP candidate in the 120th Discrict.

(Lto R) Bill James, Aaron Kaufer, Rick Arnold, Tim Mullen, Bill Goldsworthy, John Cordara

Phyllis Mundy has been the State Reprensenative of the 120th District since 1991. She will be hard to beat.


Anonymous said...

Just curious as to why you think this blog no longer has the comments on it. This used to be a fun and open forum, but it seems like no one posts here anymore. Kind of sad

Anonymous said...

As a young guy in his 20's as well, I'm happy that Mr. Kaufer is in the political mix because we need young people of all political stripes to run for office. Not ten years from now, but right now. We deserve to be in on the conversation because it's our future too, and we have just as much stake in it, if not more, as everyone else.

That being said, I'm supporting Rep. Mundy, because she's fighting in Harrisburg for the very reforms that will make that future a bright one. She stands up for young people like me and Mr. Kaufer, she stands up for workers, consumers, and middle class families, she stands up for seniors, she stands up for women, she stands up for all races and religions and she stands up for the LGBT community. Phyllis Mundy is an awesome legislator who gives first class representation to her district, and I can't wait for her to make her case for a brighter and positive future to the people of the 120th District.

In short: Phyllis rocks.

Casey Evans

Anonymous said...

She also stands up for three-legged puppies, rocks with sharp edges, all breeds of hamsters and bunnies, for men, for low-class people, drunks who enjoy Pabst blue ribbon, Those of us who like spandex shorts at the gym, the banana hammock wearers of the world and those that prefer soy milk over almond milk. How could you forget all those people Casey? Hasn't 21 years been long enough to make a case for a brighter future. How many more years before children with names that start with Y are given the same rights as the rest of us. Yasmine demands equal justice!

Anonymous said...

.............................................................................................................................What exactly was that?

Casey Evans

JimboBillyBob said...

Dear Anonymous 2:46: It's hard to get more fun than a thread with spandex, Pabst, banana hammocks and sharp rocks. Just saying.

JimboBillyBob said...

...and please tell me a banana hammock is this ferret pet-carrier-thingymabobber I saw is at Foster and Smith:


Tim Mullen said...

Casey, Phyllis has been an advocate for many people. The problem is the money she redistributes to aid these groups comes from the sweat of the taxpayer and homeowner. Unfortunately, too often, good intentions just happen to breed dependency. Government at all levels is broke. No more can be promised that is able to be delivered, especially with a diminishing number of producers. Like Greece, so too, will we see here soon in this country a failed experiment in socialism. What comes afterwards, I don't know. 21 years is far too long to give someone who expects her constituents to sacrifice and give to those she deems worthy, while she has no inclination to sacrifice herself. I'm sure that you could agree that the generation which has been screwed out of a future, the generation that you are part of, should now be given a chance to lead. Phyllis, and politicians like her, both Republican and Democrat are the ones responsible for handing you the deck you must now play with. I'll be asking all 3,000 disenfranchised voters that supported me in 2010 to consider Aaron in November. Tim

Anonymous said...

Just one question. Why does Representative Mundy continually oppose the elimination of school property taxes and education finance reform? She fights it at every opportunity and opposes the will of her constituents on this matter.

HB 1776, the Property Tax Independence Act, will be introduced shortly in the House of Representatives. Representative Mundy IS NOT a co-sponsor. If she refuses again to support this legislation she needs to go in November.

Information is at www.ptcc.us.