Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David Decoteau, candidate for Delegate in the New 11th Congressional District.

From Nothington Post:

I’m a registered Republican, and I’m ashamed of the GOP

Since Pennsylvania makes me choose a party in order to participate in our electoral system, I chose Republican because in the old, and classic definition of the word; I’m a conservative. Conservative used to mean you wanted sound money. Conservative used to mean balanced budgets and spending within our means. Conservative used to mean you didn’t care what people did in their bedrooms; because it is none of your damn business. Conservative used to mean pro-small business. Conservative used to mean a foreign policy of non-interventionism. In other words, “Trade with all and entangling alliances with none” as our Founders intended....If you are a Republican (like me) that thinks the GOP is out of touch with the people; send me to Tampa Bay to tell them for you. I’ll tell them to get back to the traditional Conservative platform. I’ll pay my own way. No tax payer expense will be incurred.


Anonymous said...

Congratulaltions to you on your ability to take care of yourself. I am happy that you don't have medical problems or shildren with medical problems. I'm happy you are not unemployed because your job was sent off shore. I'm happy that you are in the position you are but I'm also happy that if any of these badthgins should happen to you, a government program will be available to you. Here is to your continued good health and good fortune.

Anonymous said...

If you read the original post it ends with-

"You’ll know me because I’ll be the guy wearing the cowboy hat or the powdered wig."