Sunday, January 08, 2012

Quick Hits

I've been on a bit of a vacation since the the New Year so I've been slacking off on the blog but my fellow local scribes have been doing their usual great work.

So what's going on.

Penn State hired a new head football coach. New England Patriots Offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien is the pick and some are upset that he doesn't have ties to the University. I think the whole idea is to bring in someone from the outside to clean house. CRV lists his positives and he is a Brown graduate like the last guy.

The new Luzerne County Government is having it's growing pains with Urban the Elder and Urban the Younger refusing to play nice with others. Surprise. The county council has to hire a permanent manager with the whole secrecy argument of the candidates identifies getting blown up by Jennifer in the TL. Do you really think that with this many people involved in the process they could keep a secret? I like the pick of Tom Pribula as the interim manager. I think he is the only person who ever resigned a Luzerne County job on principle when he wouldn't sign off on the last budget with fictitious revenues from land sales that never happened. Like PSU there seems to be a need to bring in an outsider not connected to the politics/power structure but if that doesn't work out Tom may be a good fallback. CFD has a report card and PB gives us a reporter's view.

The new Turkey Hill in Plains is almost complete. Mrs. G says " I wish it was still the ACME."

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