Thursday, January 05, 2012

PA Attorney General 2012 news

My inbox lit up today with news from 2 of the 3 Democratic Attorney General candidates. Philadelpia lawyer Dan McCaffery rolled out a bunch of endorsements and the other 2 sent out press releases trying to step on it.

Philadelphia, PA – Attorney General Candidate Dan McCaffery Holds Press Conference to Announce Major Campaign EndorsementsPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania,

January 5, 2012, - Pennsylvania Attorney General Candidate Dan McCaffery held a press conference today to formally announce his candidacy for Pennsylvania Attorney General. McCaffery was joined by many prominent government, business, labor, religious and civic leaders, including U.S. Congressman Bob Brady; IBEW Business Manager John J. Dougherty; .., among others.

Capitol Ideas: McCaffery ... was in Philly formally announcing his candidacy and -- in a fit of apparent gamesmanship -- did it with union capo John Dougherty and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady at his side....The three Democratic candidates are expected to appear at an event at the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Saturday.

Bob Brady helped pass the Republican gerrymander of Congressional Districts.

Former Congressman Patrick Murphy countered with an endorsement from my favorite future US Senate candidate.

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz Endorses Patrick Murphy for AG
Schwartz: “Murphy is a proven leader and experienced prosecutor”

(Philadelphia, PA) – Today, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (PA-13), endorsed Iraq war veteran and former prosecutor Patrick Murphy for Pennsylvania Attorney General. Schwartz, a prominent national voice on health care policy and women’s rights, and the highest-ranking woman elected official in Pennsylvania, praised Murphy for his tireless work on these issues.

“Patrick Murphy is a proven leader. He has fought to ensure women get equal pay at work. He has been a champion for children who need access to a doctor. He has cracked down on shady financial institutions that rob our seniors. Patrick will always stand up for working families and the values we all hold dear. His record makes that very clear. That’s what Pennsylvania needs in its next Attorney General,” Schwartz said.

“As a combat veteran, he showed his commitment to public service by putting his life on the line for our country. He’s demonstrated his ability as a prosecutor overseas and here at home. He has the experience and tenacity necessary to protect Pennsylvania families,” Schwartz added. “I’ve worked with Patrick, and together we’ve fought for our constituents and for all Pennsylvanians. I can tell you that Patrick has the character and integrity that we should expect from our law enforcement officials. That’s why I’m proud to support him for Attorney General.”

“Congresswoman Schwartz has helped shape the national debate on the most pressing issues facing our country. She has dedicated her career to ensuring that every man, woman and child in Pennsylvania has access to quality, affordable healthcare,” Murphy said. “Congresswoman Schwartz is a tireless advocate for fiscal responsibility and has fought to demand effectiveness in government. It’s been an honor to stand with her during these battles, and I’m equally honored to earn her endorsement for Attorney General.”

To top it off Lackawanna County's own Kathleen Kane announced that she has raised some big bucks.

Capitol Ideas again: Democratic Attorney General candidate Kathleen Granahan Kane writes this afternoon to let us know she finished 2011 with $2 million in her campaign account...It was not clear whether the $2 million came individual donations, was a PAC infusion or whether she has a wealthy Aunt Millie who loaned her the money.
Our friends at PoliticsPA hint the latter could be the case. They report that Kane has touted her ability to fund her own campaign. Her family owns a
trucking and logistics business that looks all kinds of fancy.

I didn't get Kane's press release which may have something to do with the shakeup of her campaign staff Kane dumps Randol as campaign manager. I'm sure Liz would have made sure that local bloggers would be in the loop. My friends at NEPArtisan have been on the Kane bandwagon highlighting her appearances on Hardball discussing the Sandusky scandal.

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