Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Newt fan

This a blast from the past. When I first started blogging one of my regular sparring partners was Dr. Rick. I haven't from him in a while until this popped up in my inbox today.

Newts Authentic Conservatism by Richard R Tennesen

The overwhelming results of the South Carolina primary indicate not necessarily that Newt Gingrich is their (or anyone’s) favorite candidate but that Newts authentic conservatism and representation of the pulse of America is best articulated by him. While accepting the victory, Newt acknowledged this very fact. Let’s be clear: America is not searching for an anti-Romney candidate. America has been searching for a bona fide conservative with the record to back it up and whose views are aligned with their own. They find this in Newt Gingrich.

Newt has an astute mind, possesses poignant debate skills, is focused on issues, continues to attack Obama for failed policy and an abysmal economy, represents American exceptionalism, and has an American Conservatives Union rating higher than any other candidate. Historically speaking, Newt also took on Bill Clinton as Speaker of the House to collaboratively enact entitlement reform, experience job growth with minimal unemployment, and enact four-consecutive balanced budgets which often get accredited to Clinton.

Some claim however, that Newt has too much baggage.

On the contrary, Newt distinguishes himself from the perceived frontrunner Mitt Romney as being the conservative not to have enacted the precursor to Obamacare in Massachusetts. Newt has legislated as a conservative, and despite Romney’s touted experience as an executive in the private sector, he neglects to mention the failures of many of those companies. Are these the kind of issues that you want to see Obama levy at Mitt on the debate stage? Romney has no retort. In fact, Obama might even suggest that the two are quite similar.

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, would have the President sleepless at night in preparation for their debates. Fearless in confronting media bias, “gotcha” moderators, liberal talking points, and disingenuous competition (Romney), Gingrich appears comfortable at the podium and at times professorial. His media contrived reputation for having a temper and unpredictable nature is (I believe) simply a manifestation of contempt for and opposition to distractions away from the real issues. Why? Because the media knows focusing on issues is a loss for Obama on all accounts.

Some say Newt is unelectable. South Carolina results and exit polls prove otherwise. Strength in debating and command of the issues catapulted Newt to prominence and victory for making these issues forefront: “Jobs, economic growth, balancing the budget, having stable money, energy independence, & producing a modern, lean federal government.” And by contrasting this distinction between himself and the President: “The outlining of the two Americas…the America of the Declaration of Independence - the America of Saul Alinsky, the America of pay checks - America of food stamps, the America of independence - the America of dependence, the America of strength in foreign policy - the America of weakness in foreign policy.” How can one ignore these truths?

Moreover, Newt continues confronting these issues: anti-religious bigotry of media elites and judiciary, that Obama is a radical, a “food stamp” President, and brandishing him as tantamount to Jimmy Carter! Not to mention his candid remarks for the media.

The American connection with Newts is visceral. He appears authentic and speaks from the heart. By contrast, some claim Mitt Romney appears to be too slick in the manner of presentation. I believe that, plus the perception of inevitability makes Americans uncomfortable. Overcoming that hurdle is why many conservatives have been unwilling to embrace Mitt.

The explanation for Newts success is authenticity, optimism, prowess in debates, focus on issues, and clear distinctions from Obama. He is not the anti-Romney candidate. He may be, however, the anti-Obama candidate.

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