Saturday, January 07, 2012

You Tube weekend

The New Hampshire primary is Tuesday and if the polling can be believed Mitt Romney is headed to a blowout win and he is leading in South Carolina. This thing could be over before the Florida primary on January 31st. Rick Santorum doesn't have the time, organization or money to capitalize on his strong Iowa finish and Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry will help split the not Romney vote. Jon Huntsman is betting everything on New Hampshire but even if he does well he will have the same problems as Santorum going forward. Ron Paul probably has the money and devoted following to stick it out to the end so Romney has to very careful with him. If he pisses of Paul he may mount an independent bid so I expect Paul to get a vote on a few planks of the party platform which almost nobody reads or takes serious anymore. We will see if that will be enough to appease him.

Back to the YouTube thing.

Via The Dish I love satire

Our local canine community is reminding me why I could never vote for Romney.

Mitt Romney abused the family dog

He put the dog on the roof of the car! What kind of an asshole does something like that? The dog was literally scared shitless. And to top it off he later gave away the dog.

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