Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food stamps

Pennsylvania will deny food stamps to people with assets over $2000 or $3250 for people over 60 with some exemptions starting May 1st. Most assistance programs have asset limits so I don't think that this is out of line although the limits are certainly too low. The asset limits - $2,000 for those under 60 and $3,250 for those over - are based on figures set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1980 and never updated. If you have 100 grand in the bank you should try to along until you spend it down or find a new job but what the proper limit should be has to be raised.

Food stamps asset test condemned as 'idiotic, heartless'

Pa. plans asset test for recipients of food stamps

The thing that jumped out at me was reading the comments on the TL website. It was full of antidotes of Newport smoking welfare queens filling up their carts with steaks and lobsters on ACCESS day if they haven't already sold their allotment to some druggie for 50 cents on the dollar.

Some choice comments

the store was packed full of folks and I mean packed and their carts were full of those bags of frozen shrimp and those packs of spare ribs on the bone ....I asked the manager what the hell was going on ....he looked puzzled for a second until I waved around the store ...then he laughed and said that day was the day they reloaded the ACCESS cards

This young female, late teens-early twenties at the Wilkes Barre Walmart, had her cart STACKED, I'm telling you STACKED, with choice cut steaks, ribs, and other expensive cuts of meat that we normally wouldn't buy for ourselves because of the cost..

We should be tougher on unwed mothers. Gotta learn to keep the knees shut.

I call bullshit on this idiocy. I know people who have to use food stamps to feed their families and they are not buying prime rib and lobsters. Most of them work in low paying jobs and are not proud of having to rely on a government a program just to eat, but you got to feed the kids. Sure there are some bad actors who will abuse the system but most of them don't.

When I was growing up my family had to use food stamps from time to time because my father went from one shit job to another and was always being laid off. I cringed when my mother pulled out the food stamp book at the Ack-a-me to pay for the groceries and hoped that none of my classmates spotted us. I skipped the free lunch at school because of the stigma attached and the razzing that would ensue. It really sucks to be poor in this country, then and now.

I'm not the only one who grew up in such circumstances.

The Blogfather:

I know what it’s like to grow up on the then-economy brand substandard foodstuffs, government surplus cheese and powdered milk. Despite the rage that simmered inside of me, I had to endure the not-so-hushed comments when my mom produced her food stamp booklets at the check-out aisle.

Last month I was asked by Tiffany on her TV show about out of bounds comments. This one that is on the TL website would get deleted by me because it accuses a public official of a crime:

I've turned people in for foodstamp fraud, unemployment fraud, hell I even turned in a former boss directly to IRS and Dan Meuser for non-filing of personal and business taxes both federal and state for six years now. He is still very much in action and not so much as a letter of inquiry from either entity.

Different rules for different venues.

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Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

We all sympathize with those who are in financial dire straits courtesy of the last three years of the Administration in Washington.
Yet, when the subject comes to food stamps it is quite clear that the abuse is rampant.
I have a friend who manages a chain of grocery stores in the tri-state area and he informed me during one of our cherished golf outings of the situation with food stamps.
"Usually on that day they all come in like a herd of cows. They push the working people out of the way at the meat counter, picking out the best cuts of beef and leaving the chuck for the rest. I recall one woman complaining that our Delmonico steaks had too much fat on them. That's the welfare state for you. NOt to mention that these are some of the rudest people i've ever encountered. Some of them even shoplift."
SO, class, how do we find reform??
As a solution to the issue, I am going to adopt a few liberal ideas:
1. Institute mandatory limits as to the kind of food that can be purchased.
A. Milk. NOT Sodas or alcohol.
B. Fish NOT Steak or Hamburger (too much cholesterol-bad for the health)
C. NO CANDY of any kind--(we have a childhood obesity problem that enhances the risks of diabetes)
D. Vegetables. Not TV Dinners (too much cholesterol).
E. Finally, absolutely NO CIGARETTES!
By enforcement of these measures, not only do we cut down on costs, we also enhance the health of the downtrodden.
Something to think about this morning....
CLass Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!