Sunday, January 29, 2012

PA Attorney General race news

No candidate was able to muster the two thirds vote necessary to get the Pennsylvania Democratic Party endorsement last weekend,The Next Stage gives the play by play. Since then Dan McCaffery decided he didn't have enough support and dropped out of the race. That leaves former Congressman Patrick Murphy and Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Kane vieing for the Democratic nomination. The winner will take on Republican David Freed.

Murphy is a King's College Wilkes-Barre grad and friend of the blog who keeps racking up endorsements. The latest is from Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter:

“We need a tough Attorney General who is smart on crime, who understands that consumers need to be protected, that seniors need to be protected, that all of us need the protection of a strong, independent Attorney General. He has been a great champion for this city, this region, and of course, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Mayor Nutter. “His military career and his service to the nation as a military officer and as a lawyer in the military again demonstrate his true commitment to public service. What I really like about Patrick, my friend, is that he will defend our rights while at the same time make sure we are all safe.”

Add this to the list. A bunch of Allegheny County politicos and labor leaders signed on and my 2nd favorite member of Congress Allyson Schwatrz, who should run for the Senate, backed him earlier.

The Luzerne County Democratic Party endorsed him .

The list of pols local and otherwise that is on his side

Murphy for PA Endorsements

Elected Officials

Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania Governor
Tim Holden, U.S. Rep.
Allyson Schwartz,
U.S. RepRon Klink, Former U.S. Rep.
Paul Kanjorski, Former U.S. Rep.
Harris Wofford, Former U.S. Senator
Dan Onorato, Former Allegheny County Executive
Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney
John Hanger, Former Secretary of PA Department of Environmental Protection
Dwight Evans, State Rep.
Mike Carroll, State. Rep.
Phillys Mundy, State Rep.
Eddie Day Pashinski, State Rep.
Jennifer Mann, State Rep.
TJ Rooney, Former Chair, PA Dems
Kathy Kane, Luzerne County

Issue Advocacy Groups

The Human Rights Campaign


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Anonymous said...

Pat Murphy is a quality guy and a capable leader. It is a shame that Kathleen Kane stays in the race causing Murphy to spend money on the Primary that could be best used in November. Maybe there is a logical politician out there who can talk sense to her.