Saturday, January 21, 2012

Matt Cartwright for Congress

It's almost official.

From Borys: Attorney Matt Cartwright plans a "major announcement" Tuesday at a downtown Scranton hotel where he is expected to say he will seek the Democratic nomination to the 17th Congressional District seat held by incumbent Rep. Tim Holden...Mr. Cartwright gave no indication of a dissatisfaction with him on issues, Mr. Holden said.

We will see about that dissatisfaction thing.

The TL: Lackawanna County attorney Matt Cartwright will announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in the 17th Congressional District on Tuesday at noon at the Hilton Scranton Hotel and Conference Center.

The lefty blogosphere is buzzing about Cartwright.

Daily KOS

Jon Geeting

Down With Tyranny: But Republicans aren't the only ones running scared. Reactionary Blue Dogs who almost always go along with the worst right-wing ideas, especially when they smell corporate cash on the other end of a vote, were big SOPA supporters. Five Blue Dogs-- including two of the most corrupt in the kennel, John Barrow (GA) and Tim Holden (PA)-- were also co-sponsors. But now Holden has a progressive primary challenger, Matt Cartwright, and he's running scared. His new district is solidly blue, and his hideous right-wing voting record is indefensible. One attack from Cartwright, a prominent SOPA opponent, and Holden went running for the exit.

NEPartisan: Holden routinely votes with Republicans on their pet issues. If we want a Republican, we can elect one. If we want a Democrat, we can elect Matt Cartwright.

My post on Cartwight's Facebook page: I would be thrilled to have a Congressman from the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” I could put up with Holden when he representing a majority Republican district but now that he is running in my back yard his vote against the Affordable Care Act and sponsorship of the Stop Online Piracy Act are deal breakers for me. .. If you decide to run you may want to consider giving a local blogger the scoop.
So much for a local blogger scoop.

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