Friday, January 27, 2012

Chris Carney is not running

This story in the The Daily Item about a petition party for candidates in Union County caught my eye.
Committee Chairman Rick Thomas said "We haven't heard if Carney is going to run again," Thomas said of former Democratic Rep. Chris Carney, who lost his seat in Congress to Marino in 2010. It's been widely reported that Carney planned to challenge Marino in the next election, but Thomas said there's been no news of late."If no one decides to declare at this point, it's possible we won't have a challenger on the ballot."
There was also speculation that Carney might run in the 11thCD. He teased that he would run again but wouldn't answer the telephone calls of reporters or bloggers. There is a Draft Chris Carney Facebook page that is now dead and the Act Blue account has been deleted.
Chris Carney landed a job with a defense contractor in Virginia and the redistricting probably put his old district out of reach. I posted in September that he was unlikley to run. Too bad, I'll take a blue dog in a Republican district over a tea bagger any day.

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