Friday, September 02, 2011

Chris Carney unlikely to run again

Disclaimer: I have not talked with Chris since before the last election. I tried calling the last cell phone number I had for him but it said it was disconnected or I couldn't read my own handwritting and dialed the wrong number. So Chris, If your still reading the blog of a long time supporter please get in touch and set me straight. With that said, this is speculation.

I don't think that former Congressman Chris Carney will be running in the 10th or 11th CD this coming election. I know many of us want him to run and have floated the idea. In an iterview with Borys in July he teased that he was considering it.

Two things make another campaign unlikely for Carney.

The first is redisctricing. We may not know until January what the new Congressional districts will look like. It's probably to the GOP's advantage to wait to the last minute since they have the most seats to defend and give time for their voter suppression effort to make it's way through the courts. At this point we don't know what district Susqehanna County will be in. Not that should disqualify him from running in either district as the Constitution only requires that you be resident of the same state. But not living in the district is frowned upon.

The second is he now has a pretty good job in Virginia.

Former Lawmaker Lands Defense Contracting Job

Update: This is a good follow up from Politics in NEPA pointing out that Carney has not raised much money since the last election and rehashes the points I just made.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray Carney gets back in the game. The guy that replaced him is an embarrassment to every 10th district citizen. And his neighbor to the south is just as bad. No matter what district Carney's in, the country needs him back desparately.

Anonymous said...

Both Lou Barletta and Tom Marino are toolbags. They run on the premise the "We need more openness and transparency in the government", then they ban cameras at their first Town Hall meeting and refuse to hold others. Chris Carney had over 15 Town Hall meetings a year with Tea Bagger frenzy breathing down his neck and he always was open and transparent with his constituents. Shame on one term Lou and Casino for banning their Town Halls. Chris Carney has more Honor and Integrity in his left toenail than these two wannabees can dream of.
Carney will run, then these two nitwits will run scared

Anonymous said...

With Congressmen all over the country canceling town hall meetings with constituents and Mr. Barletta being one of them this gives Chris Carney the perfect reason to get in the race. Northeast Pennsylvania needs Chris back in Washington fighting for the middle class. He was always open and transparent with his constituents. He never cancelled his town halls when people were being loud and making a scene during the health care debate. I may have not agreed with everything Mr. Carney did during his time in Washington but I was able to respect his decisions. He always remained a moderate and gave clear cut explanations on his reasoning behind his votes. In the politics today which have become so partisan we need someone like Chris who is willing and can work with both parties.