Thursday, September 29, 2011

I like a good joke with a cup o' tea

I spotted this at PoliticsPA

A Primary Challenge for Casey?

Add another Tea Party name to the growing list of candidates for U.S. Senate, with a caveat: this one’s a Democrat and a former candidate for Congress.
Brian Kelly, a retired software engineer and former assistant professor from Wilkes-Barre, is planning to throw his hat in the ring against Senator Bob Casey.

You may remember that Kelly ran in the 2010 Democratic 11th CD primary against incumbent Paul Kanjorski and Lackawanna County Commmissioner Corey O'Brien. I anticipated another candidate to enter that race to difuse the anti-Kanjo vote and he was it. Kelly spent very little money and still managed to get 17% to O'Brien's 34% holding Kanjo under 50% that was an indication that Uncle Paul was in trouble going into the fall. That was a fluke that won't be repeated in the Senate race next year.

Kelly has some interesting views for someone running in a Democratic primary. He will be lucky to get 5% from people who just don't like Senator Bob Casey for one reason or another.

I think that Casey has been an outstanding Senator and will be easily reelected.

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