Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Virginian

I'm surprised that this hasn't got more play in the PA media/blogosphere.

From the Trib:

Rick Santorum said at a Harrisburg news conference that he's now an official Old Dominion resident.

"We've been voting in Virginia for the last few elections," he said. "I officially changed my voter registration, I think, a year or so ago."

Maybe it's because nobody really takes his Presidential bid seriously since the latest Wapo poll nationally has him at 3% and Rasmussen shows only 4% support in Iowa. But he is still plugging away even after his Irene interrupted fundraising tour of Pennsylvania calling in some chits.

From Capitol Ideas:

Santorum Picks Up Endorsement of Some of PA State Senate GOP.

I'm glad I didn't see Lisa Baker's name on this list.

In addition to Browne, Corman and Scarnati, the full list of Pennsylvania GOP senators supporting Santorum includes: Sens. Mike Waugh of York County; Bob Robbins of Mercer County; Richard Alloway of Franklin County; David Argall of Schuylkill County; John Eichelberger of Blair County; Mike Folmer of Lebanon County; Bob Mensch of Montgomerry County; John Pippy of Allegheny County; Robert Tomlinson of Bucks County; Kim Ward of Westmoreland County; Don White of Indiana County and Gene Yaw of Lycoming County.

You all know that I have a soft spot for Ricky and had mixed feelings when he lost the 2006 Senate race to Bob Casey for all the wrong reasons.

We can't lose Rick Santorum

Remember the Cyber School thing and wanting to start a war with Iran that Ron Paul smacked him down on

He hasn't disappointed lately

Rick Santorum Gets Into Heated Argument With Student Over Gay Parents

So he got to mix the 2 themes recently

Santorum: The Gay Community Is On A ‘Jihad’ Against Me

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Stephen Albert said...

I love the "gay jihad" comment.

Santorum basically bullied the gay community in an effort to kowtow to religious conservatives. It was a cheap way of scoring political points.

What happened?

Well those darn gays decided to fight back. Now Santorum, like most bullies, is crying like a little girl because the gays DARED to fight back. Yes, he expected them to just roll over, and they had the audacity to fight back.

You want to demean someone else? Want to treat them as if they are somehow lessor citizens (let alone human beings)? Then don't be shocked when they decide to call you out.

Santorum needs to grow the hell up.