Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Biden coming to town

I got a press release from the White House that said Vice President Joe Biden will be in the area to inspect the flood damage on Friday but didn't give any details. Congressman Lou Barletta's office doesn't know where he will be either.

I think that the President and VP should just stay away from disaster areas. Let the people who know what they are doing do there jobs. They just get in the way.

Former Congressman Paul Kanjorski gives a full throttled defense of the federal government in the the CV:

Lu Lac has it


Paul Stebbins said...

Gort, great post. There is nothing to be gained by having the pony show in town. The bridge in West Pittston already takes 20 minutes to go over and now I can only imagine. I think State Senator John Yudichak is doing a great job and is showing why we're lucky to have him. Now Phyllis Mundy hasn't been seen from or heard from in weeks. Even her websites have no information on them about flood damage other than a press release to take pictures. It all reminds me of John Cordora's depiction of her years ago as a groundhog that you don't see until election time. On the flip side she is advertising her non-election year fundraised at Genetti's later this month in the political news. I could swear Falls, West Pittston down to Kingston were hers?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will see an elected official that knows what he is doing when he shows up. You see what a mess Barletta has done trying to do the PR thing instead of diong the RIGHT thing. Blunder, its all he is. I love the quote from his PR guy, "misunderstood" information given to them. NO, people working for Barletta are to suppose to be the experts, they are PAID TO KNOW> its all upside down.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Biden will leave his plugs behind and we can use them here in Forty Fort to shore up the crack in the levee..