Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PA Electoral College votes-NEPA reaction

Bill O'Boyle has the reaction from some of our local legislators on Republican State Sen. Dominic Pileggi's (pictured at right) idea of changing the way Pennsylvania awards it's Electoral College votes. In short the Republicans like the idea and the Democrats hate it.

Congressman Lou Barletta: For me, it doesn’t matter, I’ve been targeted since the first day I was elected. It’s an interesting idea; I’m staying open minded on it.”

State Sen. Lisa Baker: “The proposal is an interesting attempt to find a middle ground between those who want to eliminate the Electoral College and those who want to keep the existing system.”

State Rep. Gerald Mullery: “It’s intended to rob many Pennsylvania voters of one of their most fundamental rights of citizenship – the right to have their vote for president count,”

State Sen. John Blake: “Job creation needs to be our number one priority and unfortunately, the proposed changes to the Electoral College will not put anyone back to work.”

State Rep. Phyllis Mundy: “This is an unfair attempt to stack the deck against Democrats,” she said. “I could never support it.”

State Sen. John Yudichak put it best: “It appears Republicans are not satisfied with comfortable majorities in Harrisburg,” he said. “They want a permanent majority beyond the approach of elections and will employ partisan tactics like gerrymandered districts, voter suppression measures, and now an assault on Pennsylvania’s right to vote for a president of the United States to achieve their ends.”


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that as my state senator, John Blake seems to be not aware of the seriousness of the situation. He goes off on job creation when the Republicans are waging an assult on our actual freedom to vote and have it count. Wake up John and get with the program.

Anonymous said...

My reaction: "This proposal is frakkin' ridiculous! It's a blatant and obvious attempt to rig all future presidential elections in favor of the Republicans! Anyone who thinks this is in anyway a 'fair' idea needs to be taken to a psych ward for mental evaluation. It's not fair: It's fraud."

Casey Evans

P.S. -- I'm surprised that the reaction to this isn't as outraged as it should be. Hey, fair-minded people and Democrats: Wake up! Corbett's trying to poison the well! In more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

If Kely did not get into the COngressional race, O'Brien wold have beat Kanjorski and we would not have a representative in Congress who voted to kill Medicare.