Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-paying for it

Every government agency in the Wyoming Valley and throughout northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond responded to this emergency as we expected them to. The fire departments, police, DPW workers and countless other agencies did their jobs as they were trained to do and improvised in unexpected situations that saved lives and property. Every level of government (state, county, municipal) spent money that was not budgeted because you really can't see this sort of thing coming.

See LuLac

So the state, county and local government agencies spent more money than they have on emergency response and now we are looking at the clean up effort that includes areas that have never been flooded before so people don't have flood insurance. Will the Federal Government kick in to help like in the past or tell people that they are just on their own?

A few days ago I asked Lou Barletta's press guy Shawn Kelly if he was still committed to Eric Cantor's approach of playing budget games ahead of relief for people who are suffering, his response:

“Rep. Barletta is committed to bringing the full force of the federal government’s response to the areas affected by this historic flooding. Rep. Barletta believes there are any number of unnecessary and duplicative programs across the vast federal bureaucracy that can be cut or eliminated to provide the response and recovery needed in the 11th District. He’s already spoken with other members of the House about finding ways to secure that funding as quickly as possible.”

He added:

Sorry for the late response. We were touring the district. I wasn't alive for Agnes, but I spent time working at a few newspapers and covered some pretty bad stuff. What I've seen since Thursday is a whole new level of destruction and loss. It's going to be a long road back for many, many people. Now that the waters are receding, Lou's office is fully mobilizing and will be very accessible to the people affected by this epic event. You'll see details of that soon.
I hope you and your family are safe.


Anonymous said...

When Sue Henry on WILK asked Lou Barletta if he expected to get federal funding for the flood recovery he replied that the president has said no ear marks and he and his asshole buddies are not going to ask for the money to help in the recovery. Can you imagine him saying he isn't going to ask? I was so friggin uuset I could have driven my car thru the doors of WILK.

PJ the WB Lefty said...

There's definitely a pattern here....
Lou wants to cut FEMA, but says FEMA will be here to help. Lou votes to cut EPA funding, then complains that the EPA isn't helping enogh with the Pittston spill. If this valley has any sense Lou will be one term and out.