Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wyoming Valley Flood 2011

Above it is a picture of Gardner's Creek in Plains. Most of us call it Mill Creek.

I'm relieved to report that my little place on this earth known as the Hudson section of Plains Twp has not been wiped out, yet. I did a quick tour earlier today and posted a few pics here. I drove down River Street on the other side of town earlier encountering some water on the road but it was passable. I'm not about to go sightseeing along the Susquehanna because a very wise told me in 1972 that if your not here to help you're just in the way then handed me a sandbag.

The River is predicted to crest just below the 41 feet that the levy system will hold but my worry is that all that water weighs a lot and is moving fast. In the 1972 Agnes flood the Susquehanna River topped the 35 foot dikes by 6 feet but much of the devastation was caused by the dikes failing in Forty Fort and along Old River Road in Wilkes-Barre. I don't think that punching a bunch of holes in the dikes was a good idea to create a riverfront park after all that money was spent to build them. An earthen dam is much better protection than a metal wall that took it's place.

A word to 2 of my blog buddies. Mark in 1972 the water made it to the old ACME Market on Pennsylvania Avenue just past Beaumont St. That is about 1/2 a block away from you. David it was up to North St. just down the street. Take care my friends.

I will update in a few hours and will not make any political points until the crises abates.

Below is a pic of the Q at the flooded ballfield behind the Polish Club in Hudson. He is only one enjoying this.

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