Sunday, September 18, 2011

Head for the hills

I am amazed by some of the comments on this site, other blogs and the newspapers. In short the argument is that you elected to live in the way of danger so don't expect me to pay for your damage when you get wiped out.

By that logic the Wyomimg Valley should be abandoned because of the flood threat, everyone in California should move inland because an earthquake may happen, get away from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico coastlines as a hurricane or 2 will hit your town. You should move to a safe place in the interior like Joplin, Mo. or Tuscaloosa, Alabama. No wait, they had tornadoes. . How about Portland, OR or Seattle where you drown after falling off your bicycle. The list is endless

There is no place in America that doesn't have a history and threat of a devastating weather event.

I have an idea. There is a national flood insurance program so how about expanding it to national natural disaster insurance. I know my conservative friends would object to a mandate so make it voluntary at first. The insurance pool would be enormous as just about every homeowner and business in the United States would be eligible. It could be administrated by insurance companies to satisfy my Republican friends and the politicians that have been paid off by them.

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Anonymous said...

as a conservative i would be in favor of a voluntary national disaster insurance. it is a great idea. it really isn't up to the gov't to bail folks out because of a natural disaster. compassionate yes, but that doesnt' make it correct.