Friday, September 09, 2011

Wyoming Valley Flood 2011-update

I haven't gone wandering around today to see the devastation heeding the advice of those in charge. If you're curious there are plenty of pics online. Earlier today Gov. Tom Corbett chastised the media for encouraging people to send in their flood pictures because they are still people in the evacuation areas. Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton had a press conference this afternoon and announced that 4 jerks/scumbags/criminals had been arrested for looting. He also announced that anybody in the evacuation zone after the 9PM curfew will be arrested.

So far the levee's are holding with some seepage in Forty Fort and the gates in Wilkes-Barre but the Susquehanna River is still so high you can't be too careful. There is a lot of force behind all that water. There are worries that various bridges may get wiped out with a particular concern about the Pierce Street bridge that was destroyed in 1972.

On the home front we just pumped out my mother's basement because the water took out her water heater and was threatening the furnace. That didn't stop her from turning it on this morning, oy vey.

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