Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lou Barletta just may become the Congressman we need

I got this press release today:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, PA-11, said he voted against a continuing resolution Wednesday because the measure didn’t provide enough disaster relief funding.

Rep. Barletta released the following statement after his vote:

I support the Senate version of this bill because this continuing resolution doesn’t include enough funding for disaster victims. I, along with 76 Democrats, sent a letter to the House leadership saying that we support the Senate version of the bill because it includes more funding for disaster relief. I agree with Senator Casey and Senator Toomey, who supported the Senate bill.

Every day I toured the destruction caused by record flooding in Northeastern Pennsylvania, I told my constituents at home that I would come back to Congress and fight for them. I promised them that I would make sure the full resources of the federal government are used to help them rebuild and protect them from future floods. This continuing resolution does not do enough to rebuild the lives of people who lost everything they own. It doesn’t do enough to fund mitigation efforts so this type of flooding doesn’t happen again. It doesn’t do enough to help local businesses reopen and protect American jobs.

Rather than spend money on disaster relief funding, the continuing resolution continues funding for the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), and it continues $300 million in annual funding to the Title X family planning program, a prime funding source for Planned Parenthood.

Because the continuing resolution does not include adequate funding for disaster relief, I voted against it.

When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the United States is the first country to help rebuild. But now that a disaster occurred right here in our own backyard, we need to start rebuilding here, first. Let’s help Americans first.

My friend McGruff points out that he joined with Democrats to reject budget games to get people who were flooded the help they need now. Even Senator Pat Toomey decided he had enough and joined with other GOP Senators from states that have major damage from Hurricaine Irene and Tropical Storm Lee to provide disaster relief.

It's disgusting that the Congress is even delaying disaster relief so they can play political games. Many people in the House and Senate didn't worry about offsets to fund the wars in the middle east. As Dick Cheney once said "Deficits Don't Matter" unless a Democrat is in the White House.


Stephen Albert said...

I've been pretty critical of Lou Barletta in the past, but I'll give him credit here for being more than just a Tea-Bagger hand puppet.

McGruff said...

He was NEVER a Tea-Bagger or their puppet. He listens to all sides but that doesn't mean he is one of them. Just as everyone of the left is not all wrong neither is everyone on the right. In this crisis Bareltta does not see Republicans or Democrats. He saw a mom ask her son when he was going back to school. The boy replied "With what, these are the only clothes i was able to save and so far i have them on five days". He saw child after child console their parents who were grieving over their loses. He saw devastation and told me he will never forget those images. He took some hard shots from party people on this one but stood up because humans needed his help. I actually worked for Weis during the flood of 72 and remember the Mark Plaza well. I never imagined in my lifetime would i see another one of these. God bless all of the people who are putting their lives and those of family and friends back together. I donated to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army because it is our fellow Americans who need our help. Getting to know people like Gort and others in the Valley brings this tragedy a little closer to home when you wonder how they made out. Being able to help in some small way is something we all should do because in the end maybe the cumulative efforts will bring it in a big way.

Anonymous said...

I never give politicians credit for voting agianst a budget, He can tell some epoeplm you did not vote for it becuase there was not enough funding for x while tell others you did not vote for it becuase it was bloated.

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