Monday, January 23, 2012

Ransom Young for State Representative

From the inbox:

Ransom Young announces today that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in the 116th district.

Young, 57, a life-long resident of Butler Township with deep roots in Southern Luzerne County, owns and operates the family farm of four generations that has been enrolled under the Luzerne County Agricultural Preservation Program since 2001.

He is married to Deborah Jones, formerly of West Hazleton.

Young, no stranger to civic involvement has been a member of Butler Township Board of Supervisors for 28 years and was former chairman. Young has been chairman, vice chairman and is currently treasurer of the Luzerne County Association of Elected Officials. He feels his involvement will benefit both his candidacy and the people o the 116th district. "I'm proud of the fact that Butler Township boasts one of the lowest property taxes in Luzerne County. I've worked hard over the years to make sure we've kept taxes low while still providing the services the citizens of the township deserve. Despite our low taxes we've managed to build and maintain a full time police force, provided recreational facilities and maintained good roads and invested 17.7 million dollars to update our sewage treatment plant."

In describing his desire to run, Young states; "This district needs a representative that symbolizes the face of the community, and I am willing to fight for those people. I'm a blue-collar person who will use common sense when facing a problem. I think what is missing in Harrisburg is the common sense approach. As a candidate and State Representative, I promise you, no one will work harder for you than I will. I will surround myself with quality and caring people."

"The Marcellus Shale issue is something that concerns everyone. Once we lose our fresh water source, we lose it forever. We have to make sure that regulations are in place to keep our people and our water safe. We have an amazing opportunity to eliminate our dependency on foreign energy sources, if we manage it correctly. With nearly 8% unemployment in the state we must ensure that the jobs created in the gas industry are for Pennsylvania residents; we have the best skilled and most dedicated workers in America. If the gas industry paid their fair share in a severance tax, the money could go into the general fund so that the gambling revenues would go towards property tax relief as it was originally intended."

"I believe I am the best choice for this office, because I understand the issues and will represent the diverse people of the 116th district, from Huntington Mills to Hazleton. I am a farmer, worked blue-collar jobs and I have balanced budgets in local government. I'm ready to take on this responsibility and I'm asking for your support in April and November.


Anonymous said...

I have two words that best describe the general fund:


Anonymous said...

Finally a state rep candidate that is willing to put up an answer to address property tax reducation! He has my vote.

Anonymous said...

What a Joke this guy is!

Anonymous said...

To finally: why are you afraid to put your name if he has your vote?? I wouldn't give him to cents for his campaign he cannot be trusted. Why is he no longer employeed for Butler Twp road dept?? His comments about being proud of Butler twp taxes is bull crap...he has been minority for how long, he has no say, he just does...another puppet on a string.

Anonymous said...

Anon9:35. You're a moron.
I take it your given name is anon?????

Anonymous said...

Anon11:28...amazes me that all his supportrs can't leave a name. Could it be married, relative maybe? No I am not a moron, just am aware of his tactics. My given name as you call it will be given when the time is right and his oppenent needs help to beat him.

Anonymous said...

I dont know either of you people, but i have to agree with 9:35. If you (Finally 3:30) are saying that this guy has your vote why not put up your name? Ashamed? Or this other person is right and you are related, which would be my guess since there is no response to the last comment. I didnt EVER vote for him when he ran for supervisor, I would NEVER vote for him in this race either.

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? How many times has he been???

Robert Dinkelacker said...

Mr Young
You did a horrible job for Butler Township while you were a political leader here. And now you can't beat Rep Toohil on anything she has done for the community so you atack her parents! That shows what type of candidate you are!
If you want to bring their property into the fray, how about you clean up that eyesore you call a FARM? And how much is that law suit you've brought up against Butler Township costing the tax payers in legal fees? You're a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Ransom Young. I am a business owner from Hazleton and would like to share my concern for the people and citizens (young and old) that do not want to be held for Ransom. You are a dirty rotten scoundrel and your actions dictate how bad of a person you really are. I feel you’re behind the “pizza party” video on you tube. You should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t know Tara personally but from what I can see, she is much more mature (and upstanding) then you could ever be! It utterly repulsed me today driving past your signs knowing that we have a monster in the running. You really should withdraw because you do not stand a chance. What have you done thus far to earn that seat? What extraordinary accomplishments have you accumulated over the past 28 years because I’ve never heard of any or you (and now I know why). At age 57 do you really think you have what it takes? You look very old and lazy to me and I feel you just aren’t motivated enough to leave your recliner let alone attend every event in the area (like Tara does). You’re CRAZY! You need to open the newspaper more and see for yourself what kind of shoes you intend to step into because Tara is there every day, helping someone or fighting for a cause. She has created a footprint that people now expect to be followed. Do yourself a favor and jump into a hole and don’t come out!