Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Vinsko gets support from labor

from the inbox:


Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well. I am very proud of the support I have received from across the 11th Congressional District even after Mr. Barletta and Governor Corbett made my house the boundary line. I am excited about our future and working for the people.

Please see the Press Release Attached.

The PR:

Bill Vinsko publicly thanks I.B.E.W. for their generous contribution to the Vinsko for Congress Campaign in the 11th Congressional District of Pennsylvania

Bill Vinsko, Democratic Candidate for the 11th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, would like to publicly thank the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.) and the Local Union 163 for their generous donation to Vinsko for Congress, and their support in his bid for the United States House of Representatives.

From Bill Vinsko:

“I am very proud to receive such great support from I.B.E.W. and its outstanding membership. Their workers exemplify the hard-working Americans and Pennsylvanians that I will represent when elected to Congress. They need jobs, the 11th District needs jobs, Pennsylvania needs jobs and America needs jobs. It’s time to ensure that the middle class is protected and that we put America back to work. With the help of I.B.E.W., other great organizations, and the people, it can still be done. I want to publicly thank I.B.E.W. and Mike Kwashnik for their faith in my candidacy.”

The IBEW gave him 10 grand. Note to candidate, lose the big check pictures.

I also received a piece of franked mail today from Lou Barletta. It's not as slick and glossy as the one's Kanjo sent out in the last cycle but I think that my fellow goo goos on both the left and right agree this is an abuse of taxpayer money.

Lou tells us that he and his staff has been busy navigating the federal government to help out flood victims, veterans and obtaining a visa for a woman from Togo. (I scanned it but can't get it to load). For a guy that is a member of a party that thinks that the federal government can't do anything right he seems to be trying to do his best to make government work. There may be hope for him yet.

Now that Wilkes-Barre and Plains Twp are now part of the 17th CD my focus will shift. So far no Republican has declared an intention to contest the seat and you can thank the legislature for that for dragging out the process. Not to mention what a devestating effect it had on state rep races. I doubt that any Republican can mount a serious race against the Luzerne County Democratic incumbents in the state house or Boback or Toohill on the Republican side. It was truly an incumbent protection act.

My new 17th District:

Attorney ponders run for Congress

Rep. Holden is ready for new territory

Congressman introduces himself to his new territory

PA-17: It's exactly the sort of thing Blue Dog Dem Tim Holden had to expect would happen in the redrawn 17th, a much bluer district than he's traditionally represented: a potential primary challenge from left. Attorney Matt Cartwright says he is "seriously, seriously considering" doing just that, and to erase any doubt, he invoked Paul Wellstone/Howard Dean language and identified himself as a member of “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” It's a little hard to say how stiff of a fight Cartwright might be able to offer: On the one hand, he sounds like a pretty well-connected attorney; on the other hand, he's never run for office before and he doesn't sound like a self-funder. Then again, liberal activist Sheila Dow-Ford held Holden to just 65% in the primary last year, fueled by unhappiness over Holden's vote against healthcare reform, even though she raised only $30K while Holden spent about half a mil.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just dson't get it. Is Vinsko in the 11th or not? If he is then I'm happy he is sticking to his position of running againsts Barletta but if he home is on the "other" side of the distsrict's deviding line then what the heck is he doing?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 240: You hit the nail right on the head! Seems to me a situation such as this would end up in the courts. And we all know how long that would take.
Barletta coasts on to term 2.

Anonymous said...

I hope you dont vote, because you are clueless. There will be NO court case. You do NOT have to reside in the district to run, only the state.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Cartwright goes for it. Tim Holden is the Republican wing of the Democratic party.