Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cynthia Ore-An Inconvenient Woman

She wants her money. The new hot political site The Politico has the scoop.

He's threatening to renege on the deal: Sherwood contends he's no longer bound by the settlement because, he charges, the ex-mistress violated its confidentiality clause, said the sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were concerned about breaching the confidentiality agreement themselves.

But it appears that he broke the agreement: Lawyer Ning Ye, who helped negotiate the settlement for Ore, said he stopped representing her last month and would not discuss specifics of the settlement. But he pointed out that after the agreement, Sherwood appeared in a campaign television ad denying the abuse and asking voters to forgive him for the affair.
"Public admission of the affair is a kind of disclosure," Ye said. The commercial, he added, revealed elements of "the factual basis leading to the confidential settlement agreement" and, as such, could constitute a violation.

Slimy people arguing over money, what fun. Somehow I think this will drag on, hopefully until 2008.

My friend John lost his pictures of Miss Ore. Here are some:


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

If sherwood was so concerned about the money and he was innonct, he should have not ran for reelection and fouight it

Anonymous said...

If that bottom photo is accurate makes you wonder............

PA progressive said...

Damn, thanks Gort! I deleted my files and bookmarks on last year's campaign to de-clutter my computers and get ready for this year. Now I have a bunch of Ore pictures to use again. Or whatever her name is now... That's another story.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

She changed her name, I wonder if this is a conspiracy theory, She may be back in South America and Soon Don will be joining her
She sued to get his money becuase he would lose it all in a divorce
this lawsuit just may be a show to first make the situation seem real, and 2 maybe get more money faster

Anonymous said...

She changed her name to Sid? Does it occur to others that her princess costume, her dragqueen name "Sin Thee A Whore", and this quote of hers from the Times Leader: "he got on his knees many times" that Ore is or was packin'? Or you too distracted by her not wearing undies in that photo? Sure-wood was chokin indeed...! -Rev. Smithee