Monday, January 15, 2007

Run Frank run

What a gift to bloggers this would be. About a week ago I heard a rumor that former commissioner Frank Crossin, Junior may be interested in once more joining the fray for County office . I dismissed it out of hand knowing that Crossin has been playing Godfather the last few years attempting to pull the strings of the local Democratic Party. Then Danny floated the idea and the Yonk weighed in on it.
Over the weekend I talked to a few committee people that said it might be true.


Anonymous said...

Wow. The Crossin "I dropped my cigar while having a reaction to medication" incident gave this area yet another black eye. I didn't even realize this jackass was still politically active.

Crossin's incident is just part of a growing list of local questions that really need to be asked and answered:

- Why is a bartender legally liable for determining whether a patron is intoxicated or not, but when that same bartender shows up at the scene of a one-car accident in an empty parking lot, suddenly his judgement is valueless?

- Why wasn't Louis Pagnotti III charged with Grand Theft Auto, carjacking, kidnapping, and a host of other charges? Yes, I remember the legalistic arguments at the time explaining that kidnapping requires a demand for ransom or some crap like that. Using that restriction, most national cases involving kidnapping would not be kidnapping in our fair Commonwealth. Think we need to do something about that?

- Who owns Theta Corp.? This is like some sort of secretive organization in Batman, headquartered at an abandoned warehouse across town. I personally know someone who was active in the Save Our Watersheds group, which opposed Theta Corp.'s ravaging of our natural resources, who dropped out after he learned theat continued participation in that group would not be conducive to a long and pain-free life.

- How could somebody accused of multiple murders escape from a prison in a brazen, old-fashioned way that gets national attention, be sheltered for several days by family members, get recaptured, have all the charges related to the escape thrown out on a technicality, and be treated by some as a hero?

Fred said...

You forgot Al Carpinet who skipped town to avoid prosecution, lived in Mexico for a year then got a slap on the wrist. Must be some black book.

Anonymous said...

If your rich you get a slap on the wrist!!!!!