Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Ketchup or damn the dam

Sunbury Inflatable Dam (Looking East Towards Sunbury)

Wyoming Valley Inflatable Dam

It looks like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state Department of Environmental Protection has put the kibbosh on this thing. I'm not an engineer or a boater and I haven't fished in the Susquehanna River in years but I think I have some common sense that tells me this is being done bass ackwards. Congressman Paul Kanjorski says if the dam is built it will provide an impetus to clean up the river. Most of us think that you should clean up the river first. He points out that if the dam is not built the money will go back to the federal government:

If these federal funds are not used for the inflatable dam, they must be returned to the federal government; the Wyoming Valley would get neither a seasonal lake nor a clean river.

Send it back. Why spend $14 million on a project that could possibly cost tens of millions down the line in enviromental and health problems.

The local blogoshere seems to be united in opposition and the Times-Leader ran an editorial today saying enough is enough.

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TL: Current of uncertainty enough to sink dam plan


t.g. said...

Welcome back.
It is too bad that on this issue Vonderskrep listens only to Mr. Kanjorski and not too many others. He have Brozena keep submitting the paperwork until were finally neck deep in sh*t (the real kind, not the kind from the politicians' mouths - which we are already neck deep in).
peace - t.g.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

TG it is not vonderskprep their name is the Bond Bothers, i thought of the name Skrep'n Todd, but Gort gas betternomenclature