Saturday, January 13, 2007

Luzerne County Republicans

It looks like Lynette Villano, chairwoman of the Luzerne County Republican Party, has enjoyed her holidays and is ready to get down to the business of losing another election.

County Republicans, meanwhile, appear to be taking a different approach.

Lynette Villano said the leadership is leaning against endorsements, though she will announce for sure at the party’s meeting on Wednesday.

“We’re trying to build our party and encourage new people to come forward. We want people to think they have a chance,” she said.

Republican minority Commissioner Stephen A. Urban plans to seek re-election. Three other Republicans have said that they will run for commissioner: Crestwood School Board member Bill Jones, Hanover Area School Board member David Shipula and contractor Bill James.

Other Republicans considering running for commissioner are chiropractor Dave Madeira, former West Hazleton Mayor Carl Puschauver and Northwest Area School Board member Randy Tomasacci.

I've always liked Steve Urban. The Bond brothers have cut him out of all decision making so now he is getting to be known as Dr. No for opposing some of their schemes such as juggling the books to give the illusion of balancing the budget. Bill Jones says the right things but hired Skrep as Crestwood's football coach and was rewarded by having a family member hired by the county. Tomasacci had the brilliant idea of getting the NW Area school board sued for teaching Intelligent Design after the Dover decision. Madeira thinks that gay marriage is a problem and wrote a stupid letter attacking Chris Carney for voting for the leader of his party for Speaker of the House. And everybody loves Bill James.


The much maligned Anonymous Poster said...

Dave Madeira is not running for comish, his letter regarding Congressman Carney is obviously the opening salvo in his bid for the 10th Congressional seat.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

I like Dave but there are some better candidates for the 10th, I like Joe Peters, and there a re few great candidates I know, but I do not want to out them

Gort said...

I agree with you Maligned but Madeira is going to have to do better than attack Pelosi and infer guilt by association. The Republican primary promises to be crowded and fun. Whoever wins it will have to spend a fortune and go into the general after being ripped apart by the other candidates.

C'mon Bill, give us some names.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

I cant becuase they are private citizens, but ounce the public knows about them they will have instant cred, It would be like someone outing chrisCarney, no one knew who he was, but even someoen like myself who did not like him recognizes he is qualified
theys guys are qualified

t.g. said...

"... always liked Steve Urban"
He has sat silently and watched the financial mismanagement go on. He has the opportunity to speak up all the time, but he rarely chooses to if he knows the issue is one that Vondeskrep holds close to his heart.