Friday, June 22, 2007

Corporate welfare at work

Iridium Industries in East Stroudsburg was raided by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and 81 suspected undocumented workers were detained and face deportation.

According to the Pocono Record:

Plastics manufacturer Iridium Industries has benefited from more than $9 million in taxpayer dollars through government economic development programs.

There's enough in this story to piss off just about everybody.

I'm outraged by all the tax giveaways to every company that promises a few jobs and the state and local governments being in the finance business and they don't even hire American citizens. What are the capitol markets for? If you want to start or expand a business most companies have to go to the bank, issue stock or float a bond.

The Lou Barletta crowd will object to tax dollars going to a company that hires illegal immigrants but will rejoice that they will be kicked out of the country.

Steve Corbett points out that it will cost a lot of money to deport these people when before they were paying taxes and some of them will come back anyway.

The temp agency dodge is called out on The Pennsylvania Progressive.

Some people feel safer.

So in the end the owners of the company or the temp agency that has not been identified will not face any sort of penalty. So after the dust clears they will go back to their same business practices because they can.

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