Saturday, June 02, 2007

One pitch too late

That's what Susan Waldman said after Curt Schilling gave up a 3 run homer to Posada and was lifted for a reliever in the 6th. I'm working out in the yard today and listening to the latest epic match up on the radio. Baseball is the only game I can follow on the radio and I think it's because of the pace of the game and it's the first sporting event ever broadcast. Lot's of history between baseball and radio.

John Sterling just said that Lowel was a hero to Boston for knocking Mientkiewicz in the head. What a stupid thing to say.

Curt is one of my favorite pitchers and even has a blog: 38 Pitches. I don't care about his politics.
The Red Sox win! The Sox outhit the Yanks tonight.


nastygirl said...

I was listening to the game on the radio. When I heard the asshole, I mean announcer, say that Lowell was a "hero", I couldn't believe it. I am sure that Lowell was devestated that he hurt the guy as bad as he did. It was an accident. Some announcers just really suck. I am a big Phillies fan. I love Harry. When he is broadcasting a game it dosen't matter who gets a great play, he gets excited and announces it with great enthusiasim regardless of which team gets the great play. If announcers are going to be partial to one team or another, they are in the wrong business.

Bill said...

Isnt the dude the guy who stole the game winning ball, I mean i was thrilled when Irivng got hurt at the vet, but this guy is just a selfish dude, while Irving is a threat to society.

On that notre I love Schilling to, I remeber while working on the bush cmapign rudy came to town and he said we are said about the Yanks, but then mentioned he Curt backed bush, My freind and I who were literally blocking people from getting in the HQ were Rudy was just gave each other a high 5 becuase we both love the Phills and Curt better than Bush, even then