Saturday, June 23, 2007

YCOP targets Eachus

Radio ads urge no new taxes

A statewide radio ad campaign by a conservative group is advocating no new taxes and targets six state representatives including Democrat Todd Eachus of Butler Township.
The campaign launched by the
Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania takes aim at Gov. Rendell’s proposed $27.3 billion budget.

You can listen to the ad here.

Eachus hits back asking “What are they hiding behind? I want to know where the money is coming from.” The Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania is categorized as a 501C4 social welfare/civic youth organization and does not have to disclose a list of donors. Blog buddy Chris Lilik of GrassrootsPA fame is the President of YCOP and says Eachus is blowing hot air. Lilik believes people have the right to free association and shouldn’t worry that when they support a cause that donation will be made public. “We have almost 1,000 donors,” Lilik said. “People have donated five or 10 dollars to our organization so (Eachus’) claim is just preposterous.”

In the speculation department I got this in the email:

I've been hearing a lot of anti Eachus spots on the radio, similar to the Anti Carney ads. Is there anyone in that district on the R side considered viable? Is it possible this is what Barletta may be going after??? As say a stepping stone to the Gov race in 2010???? Just curious, I haven't heard of a R out there and the attack ads on Eachus resemble the Carney stuff...

I'm sure Barletta has his sights set on something higher up than state rep but you never know. But it's an interesting question. Why go after Eachus? Please tell us Chris.


Bill said...

I have proudly given some of my hhard earned money to YCOP but for some previouse campaigns such as the pay raise. i would love to donte to screw over Eachus, but I just dont have the money right now.

On Dumb Todd
I cant speak for Chris but my guess is that he added Eachus for several reasons 1) he would be vulnerbale if a viable cnadidate came about(I agree it is not Barletta) 2) bush won his distirct in 2004 3) he is a pay jacker 4) he is the only NEPA rep they are running against so i guess he wants one for each market. 5) he is in leadership to some extennt as leader of the Majority policy Committee

Anonymous said...

Barletta and Eachus are bitter rivals, I've heard that on election nights at the courthouse they have to bring one in the front while they take the other out the back. Barletta has been associated with shady third party groups before, think "Home Town Heros" which was serriptitiously funded through the Santorum campaign. My question is when did these polyester don's become legit? Gulliani and Barletta '08....setting Italian-Americans back 60 years in an uphill public relations battle. Secondly, why doesn't anyone talk about Mayor's la skelinita in the closet, can anyone give any veracity to the whole immigrant worker baby out of wedlock? I'm not saying it's true, but if it is I would like to know.