Sunday, June 10, 2007

The return of the Vodka swilling welfare Queen

Paris Hilton comes to mind. The Poster Girl For The Estate Tax

State Rep. Steven W. Cappelli, R-Williamsport, has sponsored legislation requiring anyone receiving cash assistance under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to be tested for drug use.

I can't even begin to say why this a stupid idea. It's my opinion that so called war on drugs of the last 40 years has caused more harm than good. Two million people every year are locked up over drug charges and drugs are as available as ever. The tough nut to crack is to convince people not to take the poison in the first place. Our present District Attorney and soon to be Judge campaigned on a promise to lock up all the drug dealers 8 years ago and that's been a roaring success. But fear of the druggies always makes a good campaign issue. I don't know if legalizing everything is a good idea but another approach is warranted. Some of the reaction to this proposal over at GrassrootsPA is down right scary. Some of my small government and individual liberty Republican friends want to put welfare recipients into camps and test state legislators. The drug testing industry is big business, they lobby and make political contributions although I couldn't find anything in Capelli's reports that suggested he has taken any money from them.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your view of not locking up small drug dealers who cooperate and /or dont carry illegal guns, BUT
Whats wrong with drug testing welfare recepients, state legislators, state employees, and public school students? Forced Rehab is aproperate for welfare recepeints and students(not like forcing but in excahnge for services such as education or welfare) while termination for state employees, and making public the information concerning state legislators.(I belive that fireing a state rep who tested positive for drugs violates seperation of powers)

Chris Casey said...

You are right Gort, it isa slippery slope, and that a segment of the population would even consider the idea of implementing "Big Brother" tactics on another, less fortunate segment of the population is scary evidence of just how divisive our culture has become.

A Big Fat Slob said...

How many did your DA/new judge/new DA let out of jail this week because they were too incompetent to get them to trial on time?

Bill said...

if you want state money welfare or a job be clean or atleast start getting clean.
Your big brother argument does not hold water considering the state has already peronally intervened to help in thier lives