Friday, June 08, 2007

Turning the Cornerstone

“It was just like the Three Stooges meet anthracite,” said Penn State fuel sciences professor Harold Schobert

A story in the Sunday Citizens Voice rehashed the whole Cornerstone Technologies controversy of U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski earmarking $11 million in federal funds to support a company that was run by by his nephews and daughter that is now bankrupt. I covered it before the the last election but it didn't seem to matter to the voters. He was reelected with 72% of the vote. But it won't go away.

I got a press advisory tonight from a group called The Public Accountability Project, an affiliate of The Peace & Prosperity Project (lots of projects) saying they are having a:

Press conference on June 8th,2007 at 10:30am at 350 Second Street, Plains, PA 18705 (the former site of Cornerstone Technologies LLC), to call for a Congressional investigation into Congressman Paul Kanjorski's "shady dealings with Cornerstone Technologies LLC."

Who is this group?

From their website: The Peace and Prosperity Project is a non-partisan, not-for-profit nationwide organization that works with think tanks, grassroots organizations and issue advocacy groups across America. While President Reagan's principles: Peace through strength and Prosperity through free market economics live on today, many of the policy decisions and communication strategies that create this environment do not.

I guess Saint Ronny doesn't like Kanjo according to them. I wonder what Nancy thinks of groups like this throwing his name around. With my schedule I can't make the event but we'll see if the local papers cover it.

Update: This group consists of 7 outraged Republicans led by Old Forge School Board president Frank Scavo according to the CV. Scavo was also one of the speakers at the immigration rally in Hazleton and is planning another June 15 in Scranton that the Klan is planning to attend. Maybe Frank is planning to take on Kanjorski if Saint Lou gives it a pass.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is not an attack on Kanjo as much as it is to make Carney look bad by not opening up the can of worms again. As was said, if the republicians didn't go after Kanjo whe they were in charge, why would the dems do it now, unless they wanted to get rid of him, ala Dan Flood.