Friday, June 15, 2007

Luzerne County Commissioner

Eight people have applied to fill out the term of Todd Vonderheid who quit before his term was up to move on to the Chamber of Commerce. So now he can lobby the various local governments to grant tax breaks for economic development projects that promise "good jobs." He knows the lingo; KOZ, LERTA, etc. and will use his knowledge of local government to get more tax forgiveness for our local titans of industry. I'm not going to miss this half of the Bond Brothers.

The eight are:

  • Charles V. Hatchko, a retired corrections officer from Jenkins Township

  • Tom Tigue, a former state legislator from Hughestown

  • Rose Tucker, a former county commissioner from Exeter

  • Antonio Rodriguez, retired teacher from Hazleton

  • Thomas Dombroski, a consulting firm president from Kingston Township

  • Beth Ann Wenner, an educator from Freeland

  • Thomas P. Cooney, a Jenkins Township resident and the development director of the A+E Group Inc.

  • Bob Kadluboski, a towing contractor from Wilkes-Barre

It's either going to be Skrep's Favorite Rose Tucker or everybody else's choice Tom Tigue. Our county fathers in the form of 9 Judges will make the decision Monday. Should be an interesting meeting since some of our jurists don't have a high regard for each other and they all seem to have problems with Ann Lokuta.

My pick would be Wilkes-Barre's favorite tower Bob Kadluboski just for the entertainment value.

Bob brings a lot to the table. He has rammed his tow truck into suspected criminals and apprehended a fleeing felon at gunpoint showing his commitment to fighting crime. When his dogs escaped from his compound and mauled someone he defended them proving he is an animal rights advocate. When you have to deal with him after he towed your car a you get a lesson in customer service. He placed an ad before the last election without disclosing who paid for it, and the paper that published it let him do it, affirming his commitment the first amendment. He wears great sunglasses and listed getting Commissioner Greg Skrepenak to lose weight as one of his top goals on the vacancy application paperwork

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