Friday, June 01, 2007

Who wants a new Luzerne County prison?

At least 12 people do according to a story in the CV today. Those 12 want to sell the county the land to build a new one but we didn't get any details about who or where. Selling land to the local government is very profitable. The old prison on Water Street in Wilkes-Barre has had a lot of problems including the the Hugo Selenski escape. Fortunately, I've never been inside the place (except to visit) but I think it's over a 100 years old. Commissioner Steve Urban thinks that the old juvenile detention center should be renovated and turned into women’s prison and the Water Street jail could be made into a male only facility after a face lift. The Bond Brothers (Skrep and Vondy) have been pushing for a new facility that may cost $100 million plus.

Maybe it's time to look at other ways to deal with some of our "criminals" as the stories about the Drug Court in both papers illustrated today.

Drug Treatment Court graduates’ big day comes

First drug court graduation held

Congratulations to Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak for his leadership on this issue.


Bill said...

G i need a favor go over to grassroots and vote for me on the right haha

just kidding, well not really but i just have to say I will miss the Bond Brothers what shall we call the new duo?

The Credit Card Cousins
its not great but its something

To the issue no one wants to punish drug dealers like me, but thier can't be that many big drug dealers, Does the luzeren DA not belives in deal making for info?

their has to be a better method of getting the big ones and more creative ways to punish the small ones, like making them give skrep a sponge bath per ounce

Gort said...

I voted for you.