Thursday, June 21, 2007

The White House Cafe

I usually don't write about crime and punishment in the local area, especially in Wilkes-Barre, because sadly there is so much of it. I could probably do a blog just about the police blotter. The latest outrage is that there was another killing outside the White House Cafe on Hazel St. and the locals want it shut down.

CV: Five shootings in 27 months, two dead, eight wounded, one stabbed. This is not acceptable in any city,” said Abbott Street resident Mike Martin. “This presents an obvious clear and present danger to people who live in the neighborhood.”A man died and two other people were wounded after a fight outside the city tavern on Sunday. The bar is a nuisance and neighbors don’t want to live in constant fear anymore, Martin said.

I can't say that I blame them. If this was going on in my street I would want the place padlocked. It may happen this time.

But there is a political component to the situation. Luzerne County Judge Chester Muroski's family has owned the bar for decades. Muroski’s daughter and son-in-law now own the place but they live in Philadelphia. And the perception is the place has gotten a pass because of his involvement and local law enforcement and politician's don't want to cross him.

There are many other bars in the area that get more visits from the police but it's usually just beer muscles and our local constables can usually calm down the situation. The Woodlands has had many incidents over the last few years that involved shootings and stabbings but nobody is demanding that they be shut down. The fact that many political fundraisers are held there probably has nothing to do with it.

There are many accusations that the bar is a haven for drug dealers that are unproven. Why many of the patrons carry guns can be explained that they are American citizens just exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. If more people carried guns we would all be safer, don'cha tink?

I can't argue with Mark who says we should teach our children well.


dee said...

One of the reasons that there is no clamor to shut down the Woodlands may be that they are on their own vast tract of land. The Woodlands is not smack dab in the middle of a resdiential area like the White House or Desi's...

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

I always belived Chester Muroski was a lying crook. He has handed down hard sentences or punishment for innocent people in the past. He needs to leave his position.. NOW!