Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chasing John McCain

I don't do mornings and this one got off to a bad start. I slept later than I should have then went into panic pass mode to get the Kirby Center for John McCain's town meeting on time. Gulped a coffee, threw on some clothes then headed downtown, parked at Boscov's then ran across Public Square in the rain a few minutes after 10AM.

Going through security they asked me to empty my pockets of metal, keys and any electronics. The person checking my stuff couldn't figure out my camera because it had a message that said "Replace the Camera Battery." He asked me to turn it on but I couldn't because the battery was dead. Then he said to me "I can't verify that this a camera so it can't come in. Please take it back to your vehicle."



Ignoring all the smart ass/witty/relevant remarks that came to mind I ran back to the car and emptied my pockets of everything that had any metal except my car keys and on my second try to get in I was again stopped and told to step to the side this time to be electronically searched.


Somehow I made it inside after all that.

More to come...............................


Barry said...

I would love to see someone ask McCain about the 123 dead sailors on the Forestal and if he killed them.

It takes an admiral's son to get away with crashing 5 planes. Especially if 123 sailors died in one of the crashes. Was he shot down by the VC or an American pilot in revenge for the Forestal.

D.B. Echo said...

Gort, you and I have to learn to take spare camera batteries to these events!

Michelle D said...

Or a camera phone.

They would have thought the batteries were bombs.

Anonymous said...

You're such an idiot. You really should be in a nut house. I'm embarressed for your family.

JediMaster9780 said...

I ended up taking a few nice pictures. I took one of the donkey in the box office but security told me I had to delete it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck obama & mccain.