Friday, July 25, 2008

Dan Meuser backers still not supporting Chris Hackett

GOP PA-10th CD nominee Chris Hackett had a nice fund raising quarter raising a few more dollars than incumbent Democrat Chris Carney, $367,000 to $353,000. He also dropped in another $250,000 of his own coin. The all important cash on hand number shows Carney with $1,149,938 to Hackett's $266,816. I'm sure that Hackett will be able to make up that deficit by writing a few more checks.

From the TL: A look at the list of about 300 Hackett donors filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission reveals only 10 names that could be found on Meuser’s pre-primary donor list...“Certainly in a choice between Chris Hackett and Chris Carney, I choose Chris Hackett,” Meuser said...“I don’t like asking or putting a hand out,” he said, adding that he urges all party members “to support good Republican candidates in the November election.”

But he had no problem asking people to pony up $250 to have lunch with John McCain at the Westmoreland Club.

A comment on the TL story: Dan Meuser, hats off to you. You are a class act for your statements. I know personally I could never support someone who has attempted to defame my character and my family. I believe this political race has now come down to who the better person is not which party they belong to. Chris Hackett and his team did run a dirty campaign and that's not the kind of politics we need in our area. I did support Dan Meuser and I will not support Chris Hackett. My check and my vote will go to Chris Carney.

And a guest post from our friend KAR:

In the months following the primary election I had time to reflect on the outcome and determine what course of action I would follow. As many of you know I decided to actively encourage voters, republican and democrat, to “write-in” Dan Meuser’s name in November.

I know that many democrats are not entirely pleased with Chris Carney, and I also know that many republicans are not thrilled with the prospect of representation by Chris Hackett.

I continue to write letters and occasionally post something on the blogs. It is far less exciting than the build up to the April primary, but it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something. My hope is that Hackett loses, and Dan gets a shot at Carney in 2010.

Some, it would seem, have taken exception to my ideas, and have gone as far as suggesting that a “write-in” vote for Dan would be an abuse of the voting privilege(Dave Kveragas Times Leader July 21st). There were many abusive incidents during the lead up to the April Primary; writing in Dan’s name hardly rises to the level of abuse.

I don’t want to seem like I’m stuck on this, but honestly, and with no bitterness I’ve concluded that I do not want to be represented by Chris Hackett. He is, in my opinion, devoid of principles, integrity & honesty. The prospect of long term representation by him is far worse, in my opinion, than one more term of Chris Carney.

Hackett attempted to smear the good name of Pride Mobility, its many employees, and local business that sell & service Pride Products. His campaign admitted to contacting former Pride employees with no other purpose than to dig for dirt, they were unsuccessful.

Hackett’s campaign will fully misrepresented the facts concerning the hiring of 3illegals by Pride 13 years ago, even having one of their surrogates (a former WayneCounty District Attorney) go as far as suggesting criminality, they knew full well that was not the case.

They demogogued the issue of outsourcing suggesting that Pride was sacrificing local employment opportunities by sending jobs to China, they knew this to be untrue. The list goes on & on, they were shameless in their lies.

Hackett exposed himself as a hypocrite by not disclosing the existence of his very own illegal cleaning girl “Susie”, all the while he was hammering Pride about an incident, an administrative incident, 15 years ago, he had an illegal cleaning his house…world class hypocrisy.

We all remember the Vincente Fox visit, and Hackett’s protesting of said visit, the visit his company sponsored…more hypocrisy.

Hackett exposed himself as a liar by crowing about bringing new businesses to the area, one small problem, one of the companies, C3i, had to go public disavowing any relationship with Hackett.

The CFO of C3i wrote a letter indicating that Hackett had little or nothing to do with the company’s decision to locate here; he further stated that they had to terminate a relationship with Hackett’s temp agency due to poor performance.

You want to talk about abuse, talk about the abuse doled out by the Hackett campaign, remember that abuse when you vote in November. I’m voting for Dan Meuser.



Anonymous said...

sore fucking loser...

kar said...


Your ignorance is only overshawoded by your eloquence.



Anonymous said...

Conservative says;

It is not a question of sore loser .. This is a question of whether or not it makes sense to send a man to congress that has proven to the world that he will lie, cheat and do anything else that he thinks will win him the election. Kevin has touched on some of the lies, certainly not all.. Chris Hackett has no integrity. He is the classic "snake oil salesman"
When the TL comments that there are a number of usual donors that are not on Hackets list, they are right on. I predict that will not change.
Hackett and his nasty organization deserve to lose. If they win this, it empowers the Club for Growth to do it again. Who will the next target be? Senator Baker ?

Turning Chris Carney into a Republican is a better idea. That would assure him a seat for as long as he can do the job. That way we would at least have an honest man in the seat.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I understnad your not voting for hackett, but Mueser will never be a congressman unless he runs in his real distirct against Kanjo in 2010. 2008 was a sramble becuase the open seat was unexpected this allowed newbies like hacket and mueser to run. Also Marino having problems did not help.

If Carney gets reelected, I still think Hacket will win(and kanjo for that matter) Jim Haggerty or Lisa Baker will run for the seat in 2010, and win becuase it will be a GOP year, and Meuser could use his millins and run against kanjo. and 2010 being a GOP year is contigent upon Obama winning. If McCain wins the election I see no way how Carney holds onto his seat, (hacket should run ahead of McCain) also if Obama wins I doubt Kanjo loses becuase he will run a head of Barack. Now if McCain wins the GOP is in trouble for 2010, Hacket would most likely hold on but Barletta would be a one termer.

My guess still is Hackett wins, Kanjo wins (both men can survuve the coatails of the big race, but Barletta and Carney need a little push.

And the midterm election has always been good for the non presdeintial party only in 2002(9/11) 1998(impeachment fallout) and 1934(wonder boy was that bad) did the presdients party win seats.

PJ the WB Lefty said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Anon...If Kanjo survives this year against Mayor Lou he'll survive anything in 2010. Dan Meuser has a much better shot at the 10th than the 11th if Carney wins. He lives on the border of the district, so either way he can be called an outsider by an opponent...not that I think that arguement has any merit anyway...
If Hackett wins, and doesn't bring anything to his district like he is pleddging to do, he's ripe for another Dem pickoff...

Big Dan said...

The Hackett campaign used Rovian tactics, smearing the opponent. Facts don't matter. Now, I suppose, Hackett expects Meuser backers to back him...just because he's a Republican.