Thursday, July 10, 2008

NEPA Blogs

After a lull me and DB Echo are again busy listing links to our local scribes at NEPA Blogs . I hope our new entries hang around for a while so we can live down our reputation as the kiss of death for new blogs.

Check out some of the new entries:

Dining in and around Northeastern Pennsylvania

Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living

Local Values

That's How I See It

Tax and Small Business Forum

The Duped Scholar

Stop the Supply Sider Insanity

1 comment:

NEPAExpat said...


Thanks for the plug. I know I have mentioned it elsewhere, but one of my timestamped predictions is already coming to fruition. I hope no one here has any money in Wachovia.

Remember, FDIC is insured up to $100k, but they do not have to reimburse immediately. For those of us paycheck to paycheck, stick to banks that haven't participated in the gross amounts of mortgage fraud.