Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Carney Republicans

The DCCC sent me this story from Roll Call.

Ex-Specter Aide Fundraising for Carney (subscription only and I'm too cheap to buy one)

A former chief of staff to Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) is hosting a fundraiser for vulnerable freshman Rep. Christopher Carney (D-Pa.).

David Urban served as the Republican Senator’s top aide for five years before joining the American Continental Group in 2002. The $1,000-a-head fundraising breakfast for Carney is scheduled for July 16 at the lobbying firm’s offices in downtown Washington , D.C.

“While I’m a Republican, I like to think I support solid candidates,” Urban said in an interview. “[Carney] is a conservative Democrat ... who deserves to be given another shot.”

Roll Call lists the many Republicans he has contributed to in the past along with a a few Democrats. His bio on the ACG website says he's a graduate of West Point who was an artillery officer in the 101st Airborne Division and was awarded the Bronze Star in combat operations against Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

A few weeks ago the Carney camp rolled out some local Republicans that support him and many of them were part of the 2006 Republicans for Carney group. Our newest local political blogger, Local Values, did some research on Open Secrets and points out that some of these people actually gave money to some Democrats. I was shocked by that revelation because I know that no true Republican could ever donate to Democrats except maybe Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser.

The difference this time is that many Meuser supporters just won't forgive Chris Hackett for what they perceive as his unfair negative campaign.

CV: All of the Republicans who attended Monday’s event said they support Mr. Carney for his “positions” or “values.” Many said they voted for the Dimock Township Democrat in 2006. But, at least one, Tom O’Neil, of Northmoreland, said he couldn’t support Mr. Hackett after his “negative” and “outrageous” primary campaign. Mr. O’Neil, a former two-term city councilman in McKeesport, helped campaign for Mr. Meuser in the primary.

“Mr. Hackett, you’re as much a conservative as Britney Spears is a model for motherhood,” Mr. O’Neil said.

This Republican support for Carney does come with a price. My friends in the lefty blogosphere were already mad at him over some other issues like the Hate Crimes Bill and Iraq. Down With Tyranny even lead an effort to finance ads that ran in the district about his FISA vote that fell on deaf ears that I thought was big waste of money. When I asked Carney about the ad campaign he told me he wasn't worried about it; "It doesn't hurt me to be slapped around by the left."

DWT has some serious disagreements :

Carney, who once worked for war criminal Doug Feith and helped cook the books on prewar intelligence, "shares their values." He is anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-war, pro-warrantless spying on American citizens, in favor of abolishing the estate tax for multimillionaires and an advocate of the GOP plan to undermine and wreck Social Security. No wonder Republicans like him. Their own candidate, Chris Hackett is even worse than Carney.

On a related note Jonathan Tallman has started a blog in support of Chris Hackett.



The GOP's Steve Corbett was talking yesterday about a DNC fundraising letter that was portraying Carney as an endangered candidate this Fall. He was wondering why the DNC would let such a letter flow public. What he doesn't understand is that the letter was simply a fundraising tactic to get as much $$ into the Carney war chest as possible. This is how parties raise cash, Steve. You need to raise your awareness of how politics is conducted. One final note, Corbett took a call from a Obama hater who was suggesting that the Senator was not born in America. Corbett, displaying the class is typical of his character, responded by saying "As far as I know he was born here." I don't mind if Corbett is against Obama, but that response was uncalled for. You are supposedly a reasonably intelligent man, Steve. But the more you open your mouth on the presidential campaign the more you come off as a moron. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Old Republican says;

The grind with Chris Hackett goes much deeper than "we can't forgive him for running a negative campaign" We can pull up our bootstraps and move on ..

The problem with Chris Hackett is that he proved that he is downright dishonest.. He will contunue to lie and cheat to get what he wants.. I will not support a guy that I cannot trust.. He is as untrustworthy as anyone that this stalwart republican has ever known .....

NEPAConseravtive said...

No true Republican could ever donate to Democrats...No true Republican that doesn't have any business interests.

All buisness owners give almost equally to both parties. Ever hear of political favors ? Why else would they do it. What if the one you chose to donate to doesn't get elected. Then your SOL. That's how it works.

Anonymous said...

He he he ha ha ha,
So, Old Republican, does all your boot stomping mean you trust GWB? Cause we all know he's would never lie, cheat, or create half truths. Hell, isn't that the backbone of our wonderful American political system?? God Bless America and her ever so screwed up leaders...God help us, everyone!

~Sassy Fox

Barry said...

When GWT wrote,
"Carney, who once worked for war criminal Doug Feith and helped cook the books on prewar intelligence, "shares their values.""

He demonstrates his stupidity or willingness to lie. Navel Officers serve where ordered. Carney wrote solid reliable assessments and Feith, Luti, ands Libby manipulated the results and used them to betray our country. Carney can never admit it but it is my understanding that ONI placed him and another officer in that office to watch the small cabal of traitors.

Now GWT wants to attack a Naval Officer for following orders. SHAME!!!
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

NEPAExpat said...


That is the major problem we have as a country. "I didn't do anything wrong, I was just following orders" is the reason why there is limited to no accountability within our government. Regardless of affiliation, the utter size of government has made it impossible for any real change to occur(Demican or Republicrat). Our only plan of action is to give more power to those who were incompetent or greedy enough to get us into this predicament.

As for using the good Congressman's Naval rank as a shield, well no one forced him to run for office. Your line of reasoning would have fit well under government/military leaders such as Suharto and Idi Amin. If such data was manipulated, no one has seen any significant rhetoric from the Carney side stating the case.

Regardless, Hackett isn't going to have a chance based upon attacking Carney's military record. If Hackett's people were smart, they would have been attacking Carney for his ethanol record...or do you people enjoy the prospect of paying $4.50 a gallon for gas? People tend to have a soft spot for the places where they grew up.

Who's profited more since Chris Carney took office, the 10th District, or his family and friends in Iowa?