Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Slow news day

A story in the CV yesterday said Luzerne Commssioner Greg Skrenenak is finding that it's lonely under the dome without his buddies.

A nice exchange between him and Maryanne Petrilla.

"I thought that I would be more of a partner, rather than one of three independent commissioners, and my suggestions have fallen by the waste side.”

“If Greg Skrepenak is upset Sam Guesto is no longer the chief clerk, that’s too bad.”

And the latest for what passes as a scandal in Wilkes-Barre.

Parking lot treatment upsets patrons


Michelle D said...

I parked in that Garage for like 5 years. The attendants are crotchety. Not much you can do about it. I personally never had a problem. So in closing, get over it.

Danny Bauder said...

The expression is "way side" not "waste side."

Then again, Skrep did go to Michigan.