Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bad company

Luzerne County Judge Michael Toole's Tipstaff Tom Marino got a subpoena on Monday.

Participant 1 in the Juvie Brothers scandal, Robert Powell, payed some cash to Toole for unspecified reasons according to Terrie Morgan-Besecker in the TL. Why would Powell possibly give money to Toole ? Let me get out my crayon.

Toole refused to rule on subpoenas issued by then Controller Steve Flood when he was looking into the county contract with PA Child Care in 2005 then owned by Powell. Toole could have ruled against the subpoenas, but that would have given Flood a chance to appeal to get the subpoenas enforced. Toole was also a guest at the Juvie Brothers Florida condo least once and also ruled on a dispute involving Robert Powell's yacht.

Or it could have been for something else.

In other news the Juvie Brothers are still free to travel back and forth to the condo in Florida and may not be sentenced for some time.

Sentencing date for former judges delayed

Someone once said that justice delayed is justice denied.

Two other local crooks plead guilty this week.

Height, Scarantino to enter guilty pleas


Anonymous said...

Toole will be finished or dunn

Dana said...

Are the Juvie Brothers already in jail, just awaiting a final number, or are they still free?

Anonymous said...

still free