Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No pension for you

Two ex-judges denied pensions

Former Luzerne County judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan are not entitled to their pensions and could be liable to reimburse the state $4.3 million for higher juvenile placement costs it says are tied to the kickback scheme the jurists engaged in, the State Employees’ Retirement System has determined.

Conahan has been collecting 8 grand a month since he retired and Ciavarella was slated to get over $5K but has not received any payments. Ciavarella also tried to cash out his contributions after he was charged but the state pension fund refused his request. Conahan's timing was better and got a lump sum payment of $302,777.09.


And the assertion of Robert Powell that he was strong armed into paying the Juvie Brothers all that money in bribes is laughable. They also forced him to invest in the real estate deal with them and Jill Moran in Mountaintop. The fact that Powell was wearing a wire after the Feds pinched him hit the papers this week and I'm sure that my faithful readers will remember that was first reported on this blog in January.


The headlines about Bob Mericle and Judge Toole should be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see how dirty they are

Big Dan said...

The "strong arm" claims by Powell are bullshit.

ed said...

Hey dan i see our buddy shut his mouth ed

Anonymous said...

Skrep and Vondy should be hitting the headlines soon as well.