Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Skrep closes the debit card investigation

WILKES-BARRE -..."I have been informed by the proper authorities that the matter into the debit card situation has been closed," Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak wrote in a May 11 letter to Acting Controller AJ Martinelli. "There were no criminal findings."

Martinelli denies the US Attorney has informed him that the investigation is closed and US Attorney Martin Carlson won't confirm or deny anything about any investigation. Skrep turned in receipts for about $2000 less than he charged on his card. He blamed that on poor eyesight as did Sam Hyder when he used his card in a strip club in Las Vegas.

All those that have been caught abusing the debit cards have supposedly paid back the charges that are not allowed. I would like to see one of the papers publish an accounting if they can get the numbers.

Republican Commissioner Steve Urban once said "We have a jail full of people who wish they could just pay it back."

If you are disappointed by the outcome of this investigation so far you can look forward to other scandals being swept under the rug.

This is the short list. A few other things have come up such as health insurance benefits for unpaid prison board members and MORE.

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Anonymous said...

Skrep-Daddy can thank his Maker that stupidity isn't illegal. Why the voters of Luzerne County voting this Neanderthal in as county commissioner I'll never know.