Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lidge on Disabled List

After I bitch about Brad Lidge blowing saves he was put on the DL. I'm glad to have him out of the lineup but was just a little bit suspicious of the timing but Phillies Nation thinks it is legit.
We have the start of a good debate about the best bullpen in baseball started in the comments between Phils and Red Sox fans.
11:15: Lidge is getting back in form. I love madDog , but he did choke in Game 5 of the world series and lost the game, the rays would have gone ahead if not for chase's fake out to get the runner at the plate. Also what do you think about Myers returning in September to join the bullpen. Think Lidge, Madson, Romero, Erye, Durbin Condrey, Myers, and no Chan Ho. This makes the most bad ass bullpen in the game even better
6:36: Ummm. It's not the "most badass bullpen in the game
"Sincerely, Okajima, Masterson, Ramirez, Delcarmen, Saito, Bard and Papelbon.
8:13: who won the world series last year, who is in first place? So what part of new England are you from?
Ed Note: The Phillies bullpen ERA is 5th in the NL at 3.59. The Sox are number 1 in the AL with an ERA of 2.76

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David Foglietta said...

Gort, The Bosox got a gift last night...But so did the Yankees. It's a wash.