Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dedicated Public Servants

Mike Buffer has a great story in the CV about Luzerne County government payroll policies. According to county payroll records some of the top county managers never take a day off.

Deputy Sheriff Carl Zawatski hasn't taken a day off in a year and a half.

Deputy Treasurer Dominick DePolo missed only 3 hours since 2006.

Deputy Clerk of Courts Tom Pizano hasn't missed a day of work in 3 years.

Mark Carey, Deputy Recorder of Deeds, had no paid days off due to illness, vacations or personal time during the last 18 months.

I want to commend these gentlemen for their work ethic.

Or maybe not.

Most officials don’t report time off


D.B. Echo said...

And tomorrow, you'll have to pay a premium to see what made that story great.

I wonder if the CV is seeing any revenue from the new policy? Sadly, I think they'll see a dropoff in microscopic ad revenue from people going to the old pages. Too bad - free access to their old archives effectively made the CV the "paper of record" for this area.

Anonymous said...

No days off on the books right

Anonymous said...

i don't have any problem with paying for the archives. a lot of money goes into putting together a newsaper.. but internet leachers don't like the fact that the papers charge. maybe they should lay people off, that is the answer let's put people out of work so the leechers get their freebees

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see the news on our fine Sheriff - his abuse of vacation time will pale.

Anonymous said...

Scranton Public Policy examiner? Why link to that? Fluff pieces by a guy who appears to be unable to state his real reasons for writing fluff pieces about power brokers.