Friday, June 12, 2009

Panic in New York

The Red Sox
the Yankees again. I think it is safe to say that they will win the season series since they have won all 8 meetings so far. It would be cool if the Sox win all 18.

Lidge who? Ryan Madson got his 2nd save in 2 days after Raul Ibanez hit a 3 run shot in the top of 10th inning.


AL East

Boston 36-24 -
New York 24-26 2 GB

NL East

Philadelphia 35-23 -
New York 31-27 4 GB


Big Dan said...

Ster-ROD isn't doing crap, did anyone notice? Were steroids why he was so good? Wang's ERA is 14, and they continue to trot him out there, instead of the outstanding Phil Hughes. Good! I hate the Yankees and love the Red Sox anyway. The Red Sox have always been my favorite team.

Big Dan said...

The Jason "Back" Bay trade for Manny Ramirez is looking good now, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Phillies phan and have faith they will do well this year - but it's EARLY. Let's not start the countdown just yet!

Big Dan said...

The Phillies grew on me, just living in NEPA. They are a very close second to the Red Sox for me.