Saturday, June 06, 2009

YouTube weekend

Wedding edition

Recently I recounted the musical performance of me and the Rain Man at his wedding to his lovely bride that is still talked about to this day. Tonight he reminded me of a few twists that I engineered at the reception when the big day came for me and Mrs. G many moons ago. I chased her until she caught me, what can I say.

At the time The Mararena was the big hit for wedding dance songs and is still is but I was not having anything to do with that. So I instructed the DJ to play The Time Warp whenever someone asked for it. It created confusion at first but eventually people learned how to jump to the left and step to the right.

When it came time to do the garter nonsense instead of the Stripper the song was Don't Touch Me There by The Tubes

I committed other heresies that day including using scissors and a squirt gun at various parts of the ritual.


Dana said...

Ahh, you caught me; I've always had a thing for Columbia! :)

Big Dan said...

Everyone will love this, it will bring tears to your eyes and send chills up and down your spine. This guy has a website where he isolates the tracks of recordings, such as Beatles and Beach Boy recordings, so only the vocal, or guitar, are isolated.

This is the Beach Boys "Wouldn't It Be Nice", the actual master of just the vocals isolated:

Wouldn't It Be Nice

Click on the play button for the song in that post.

Big Dan said...

They sound like a choir or a barber shop quartet!

Mrs. G said...

I can't stomach the Beach Boys. Never have and never will.


In order to appreciate the Beach Boys' music, you have to move beyong the surf/radio fare. Brian Wilson was a musical genius, right up there with Lennon-McCartney and Dylan. Pet Sounds is one of the greatest albums of all time and Smiley Smile one of oddest at its first listen, yet it keeps you coming back. I could go on, but it would take too much space. The Beach Boys are the greatest band America ever produced.

Big Dan said...

Same here. I didn't like Smiley Smile, but it grows on you after repeated listens.

My favorite group of all time, and no one is close, is the Beatles. I can't believe what they did in about 7 years. Their recording history was from 1963-1969, they changed the world in a few years, then went their separate ways. They always kept up the quality, in fact, the quality kept getting better all the time.

Big Dan said...

My favorite Beatles album is "Revolver".

Big Dan said...