Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Build a Vets Center?-Heyna or NO

NIMBY wins

Edwardsville turns down St. Hedwig's zoning change

A request by Catholic Social Services for a special-use variance to convert the former St. Hedwig's School into apartments for veterans was unanimously denied Tuesday by the three-member zoning board...Zoning board members refused to comment on their ruling.

Austin gives us an update:

Last night the Edwardsville Zoning Board unanimously denied the variance needed. They did not give a reason at the meeting. Several residents spoke in opposition to the project. They were concerned it would go the way of a low income housing project that they've had trouble with.

The difference is that the vet center would have staff on site 24/7, regular and random screening for drugs and alcohol and a strict zero tolerance policy. Catholic Social Services has experience with their vet center in Scranton that has been a great success both for the veterans and the community.


Commissioner Urban was among the supporters and testified that he lives near a housing project that has staff on hand and has not generated one complaint.Veterans shared experiences about they have done and sacrificed. They spoke about similar projects and their effectiveness.


CSS will appeal the decision.


Anonymous said...

CSS should claim seperation of Church and stae and just build and open the thing bring in the Vets then dare Edwardsville to shut them down. This is the type of civil disobedice Dr. King would be proud of.

Also if CSS is not exactly considerd chrch they should sell the land to the diocese for $1 and then the Bishop can lease it back for a penny a year.

its amazing that Steve Urban advocates for a vet center and it gets turned down, but skrep can get soning for his bddies anytime

Anonymous said...

time for a spelling test

Mrs. G said...

Veterans and their families deserve this. If you can deal with the low income apartments there with all their drug trafficing and the half-way houses for the ex-cons, why can't you support a housing project for the Americans that defended our country and fought so that we can have the freedoms we have? If anyone deserves a place to live it is our veterans. It is going to be under 24/7 supervision. I have had many relatives who served in the armed forces, including my husband, and I would like to know that if they had no where to go this place would let them in. Have a heart. Stop being so self-centered. Because of people that have no conscience and are so worried about "me, myself, and I" we don't help the people that really need help. Open your heart. Put yourself in their place. Wouldn't you want a roof over your head and a place to feel safe and secure? A place to call "HOME"? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if WILK would get off of their cop bashing kick and start looking at other stuff going on in the area this project might gain support.

Stephen Albert said...

Small-minded NIMBY hypocrites.

When our veterans actually do need our support, where were the members of Edwardsville Zoning Board?

These folks should be bending over backwards to help those who put their lives on the line for all of us.

Austin said...

I think it was Jim Holden from WBRE who was helpful with coverage of the Kingston meeting and other veteran issues.

Representatives Kanjorski and Carney both sent aides to a briefing about the project. They have been very helpful.

CSS will continue to pursue. I know they have thirty days to appeal and I will keep this blog updated.

Danny Bauder said...

What a great way to "Support the Troops."

It's a lot more than a yellow ribbon magnet or bumper sticker. The pollution of NIMBY culture is really crippling NEPA, and it's very sad.

I don't mean to be so cynical but coal ain't comin' back folks. Look at Pittsburgh. Faced with the choice of grow or whither, they chose to grow.