Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I spotted this LTE in the Voice yesterday.

The Citizens’ Voice editorial, “President should stand ground on closing Gitmo,” on May 27, is problematical, since no governor in the country cares to handle the political fallout of housing Guantanamo’s terrorists in his/her state.

Solution: Luzerne County should craft a plan and proposal to Governor Rendell, by which the population, inclusive of the 100 most dangerous terrorists President Obama says should be detained, be transferred here, together with the $60 million Congressman Obey says are available to house them in a new facility, to be named, suggestively, “Luzmo.”

The above solution, if bought by local and state governments, would solve a national problem, the present overcrowding in the county prison, reduce unemployment and free me to help find a buyer for the old Eighth Street bridge.

Edziu Antek Silvent

West Wyoming

This guy should be a blogger. Good luck selling that bridge.

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D.B. Echo said...

Isn't there a certain juvenile center that could be repurposed as a prison for terrorists?