Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We all have our holiday traditions and in the Gort household it includes making the traditional stuffing with the help of our dog and cat. They spend so much time in the kitchen I'm thinking of getting them both a chef's hat. I'll get up early and stuff the bird then pop it into the oven along with cooking a ham and local made Kielbasa. Other family members are in charge of the side dishes and desert which will all be washed down with Beaujolais Nouveau.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because we have a large family gathering that doesn't involve a wedding or a funeral.
Another tradition is to thank Miss Cellania for the pic.


Joe Leonardi said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy the holiday

Walter L Griffith Jr said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of this wonderful blog page. I appreciate the time and effort that you place into this item each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wil Toole said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I thank God for yesterday, enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow. It is our practice to try and treat everyday with the joy of Christmas and the appreciation of Thanksgiving.

A special thank you to Gort and LuLac for the time and effort they give to make these blogs available. Now its off to the kitchen to do my share.

Dana said...

If the turkey is going to take 4½ hours to cook at 325º F, how long would it take if we teleported it to Venus, where the surface temperature is around 900º F and the atmospheric pressure is around 1325 PSI? We could then teleport it back, all done. We’re just trying to figure out how long it needs to be there to do a good, succulent Thanksgiving dinner.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and Mrs. G, and your two four footed chefs. P.S. happy thanksgiving to the mean old man, I hope Thelma Jean's oppossum stew and squirrel pie are a hit this year.